Elk Hunting Photos & Stories

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Don’t Sell the Farm in the Rockies
Garry Steiner
At fourteen thousand feet we watched the elk heard move across the meadow and bed down at the edge of a rocky outcropping. After a long and arduous hike we position ourselves above, and a few hundred yards away from the biggest bull elk in the sleeping herd. We waited diligently for two hours. Finally, the bull stood up and turned for a nice broad side shot. The shot rang out in the thin mountain air shattering the silence and scattering the elk herd into the spruce trees.
Jessica's Colorado Cow Elk Hunt
Jessica McKinney
We went hunting this fall for elk and although we had a great time, we came home without fulfilled tags. I had one tag that was good until December 31 so two days after Christmas, Dad took me past Craig, past Maybell, and even past Sunbeam to 6 miles from the Utah border where the Lord saw fit to fulfill a dream. We saw a herd of about 200 and I had never ever seen so many elk!
Elk Scouting, Calling and Hunting
Joel King
All of us know the feeling when you have made that perfect shot on a big elk. The rush of emotions run wild and you can't help but give a loud shout to the hunting gods. We also know the feeling when weeks of scouting and hunting end with a tan hind quarter running the wrong direction. Either way it all starts with the early season scout.
Arizona Bear and Elk Hunt
Keith E. Idso
I harvested my first ever elk two weeks ago in Arizona just south of the Grand Canyon. I was in a camp of four hunters who planned to drive around the dirt roads in the mornings and evenings hoping to spot elk moving into or away from bedding areas and watering holes.
Oregon Successful Bull Elk Hunt
Mark Sweeney
Last fall I got my first bull elk. I was hunting in Oregon in a general hunt area. I had scouted where I wanted to be opening morning. With snow on the ground I feel they can hear you stepping through it, so I didn't go too far. And no tracks were seen. It melted and two days later and went back to my spot.
Wyoming Trophy Bull Elk
Flint Flesher
This bull elk was shot up the North Fork, out of Cody Wyoming in 2007. He gross scores 421, but after a deduction for his seventh tine he drops down to 401. He is 3/8 inch short on the one tine to be non typical.
Hunting the Wyoming Big Horn Mountains
Curt Mayer
There is nothing like hunting in the Big Horns around Ten Sleep, Wyoming. My friends and I had a very good year hunting in Ten Sleep and Kaycee, Wyoming. It all started out on October 18th. My friends Parker and Josh Lyman of Ten Sleep started our year off with a bang on the first day.
An Amazing Oregon Elk Season
Heather Moore
Elk season 2007 was a great year for my party. I had been looking forward to it for many months. We only draw this tag in Oregon every 4-5 years, so when we found out the results of our draw, I was ecstatic to say the least. So, I began getting ready after archery season was done. I was feeling pretty lucky, since I was the only woman in our group to get a mule deer during archery season. Not even my husband got one, so I knew the pressure was on during rifle elk season.
Texas Bull Elk
Rusty D. Harvey
Sunday morning November 21, I hunted the morning hunt and don't see much at all. It was damp and foggy and the deer just weren't moving so I head back to camp around 9:30am. I always hate Sunday morning after the morning hunt because all of my buddies and myself are packing up to leave. However this Sunday is different because I'm on vacation all week for Thanksgiving and will stay and hunt......11am, the rain comes.......
New Mexico Elk Hunt
John Olivas
We hunted elk in New Mexico and ended up taking this bull at approximately 7:00am on September 18th, 2001. We had hunted two full days and had the pleasure of hearing a couple dozen bull. There was lots of action, but getting close seemed to be the biggest challenge.