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New Mexico Youth Elk Story
Russ Behrens
Like all of you, we await the results of the western big game draws with great anticipation.  Until 2009, we had never drawn one of the premier tags.  After checking the New Mexico draw results, we learned that my 16 year old nephew was soon to hold a very special elk tag in his hands.  My younger brother has some experience hunting elk in Wyoming; however neither my nephew Carter nor I had hunted elk and we have extremely limited hunting experience outside the Midwest.
Bittersweet Moment
Greg Johnson

When I first got into hunting my father took me elk hunting in the Starkey unit during the early 90’s in eastern Oregon. I believe this was my second or third trip elk hunting when my dad, his long time hunting buddy Dave, and myself were up at our favorite spot we call the ‘’monuments’’. We hunt this particular spot every year with great success and this was the spot where I killed my first spike the first year I hunted elk. I have been hooked on hunting elk ever since that very first trip.

Beginner's Luck in New Mexico
Kurtis Hulett

Hunting elk is something I've dreamed about ever since I can remember and it finally came together this year. A friend and I put in for the New Mexico draw. Using our first choice in a "easy to draw" unit, we were lucky enough to pull our tags.

Colorado Elk Hunt on Waugh Mountain
Kevin Taylor
This is the story of my Colorado elk hunt and also in dealing with the game commission in the field. This experience was invaluable to me and I obtained so much, hands on education on elk and their environments. This hunting area is incredible with so much to offer us as hunters. Here is my story...
Northwest Colorado Elk Hunt
Cipriano (Marty) Martinez aka: HeavyC (forum member)
This is a daily journal of my 2009 4th season northwest Colorado elk hunt. Nov 7th: Out of town 1 hr late and ALONE AGAIN! Not too bad all things considering! Usually ~6hr drive to my favorite stomping grounds along the WY border and arrived at 2:45pm to a NEW spot I THOUGHT I would camp at Nope! Still too much snow and all melting making a muddy mess of things! So back DOWN to the normal digs and lower elevations in a rush to get things up before darkness falls!
The Hunt of a Lifetime
Mark D. Jeter
As a Police Officer, planning on attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Denver, I noted that the First Rifle Season immediately followed the conference. I talked my friend Scott, who would also be attending the conference, into joining me for the hunt of a lifetime.
Big Oregon Roosevelt Elk
Jeff Hoggard
It was 4:45 am on the Oregon coast this last November, and we are all getting ready to head out and position ourselves in spots that we think may put us in the best position to track down the herd of elk that came out of our fields the night before. We'd seen a group of about 30 head breaking into smaller groups and heading out of the fields and into the woods no less then 5 minutes before we were ready to leave.
Colorado Muzzleloader Cow Elk Hunt
Jonathan Koziol
This morning I headed out bright and early to start my 4th season Colorado Cow Elk hunt. I was able to locate a bunch of tracks of deer and elk. Close to 4PM I had gone back to the area after a break and a nap at home and started back up to where I had seen some deer early this morning, along with millions of deer tracks and darn good number of elk tracks.
Wyoming Rifle Elk Hunt
Steve Schulz
After my failed attempt at arrowing a bull in September, I found myself packing for the rifle season the 14th of October. Just to make things worse it was the day after a massive early snow storm had just rolled through and dumped over a foot of the snow. Knowing this and assuming there was a lot more snow on the mountain, I was positive the elk wouldn't be where I normally prowl the timber.
7x7 Cascade Roosevelt Elk
Chad Puckett
This is my 7x7 Cascade Roosevelt Elk kill during bow season in the Santiam unit in Oregon. The date of the kill was 09/20/2008. Scoring was 306 7/8 and will go into the record books for Pope and Young.