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One Quick Hunt
Marty Sup

The year of 2007 was a great year for me as far as harvested animals go.  I shot a cow in January 2007 (which was part of my 2006 season).  I also harvested a doe antelope in Wyoming.

The First Bull of Colorado's 2010 Season

Last January, as me and my brother hashed out a plan for the approaching Colorado big game drawing, we had to take into account that we had different numbers of preference points. We wanted to hunt together but because I had four more preference points than him, we had some difficult decisions to make. He could not get into any of the premier units that I was capable of drawing and I did not want to waste my excess points to draw a tag that he could get. So I decided to keep saving my points and to find a good place for my brother to have a shot at a good bull during archery season.

Another One Gets Hooked For Life

My roommate Dan is a fellow member of the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. Instead of majoring in wildlife biology though, he has studied forestry for the last four years. All natural resource majors at CSU are required to attend a five week field course during one of their summers. CSU’s mountain campus is located in the middle of Colorado’s north central mountains. It is an intensive class in which we are immersed in the five major disciplines of natural resource management; forestry, range, watershed, recreation and of course wildlife.

The Trade: An Elk for a White-Tail

The White-tailed deer is king in this country. More hunters take to the fall every year in search of the deer with the distinctive white flag for a tail than any other big game animal. More White-tails are harvested each year than any other hunted big game animal. But it seems that the western species such as mule deer and elk are romanticized above all others. Some may call me and my family lucky because we get the opportunity to hunt our state for elk every year. And I will not deny that this opportunity is a gift.

Icing on the Cake

I did a lot of complaining over the autumn of 2010 about the job that severely limited my ability to hunt (sorry guys!). But thanks to some great co-workers who were willing to cover me for three separate weekends throughout the fall, I was able to take my mule deer, pronghorn and elk. The elk hunt did not fall together until very late in the fall.

Integrity: It Happens Now and Then

This year was hard on me. I took a seasonal job in late August that really limited my ability to get out and hunt. But things seemed to fall together at the right times and I was able to get out just long enough to take my mule deer during muzzleloading season, my pronghorn up in Wyoming and my elk during a late season hunt. But there were a lot of hunts that I was planning on helping friends and family on that I was just not able to attend.

Indoctrinated Into the World of Hunting

After two years of unsuccessful hunts, I finally became a tried and true big game hunter. It was my third year of hunting big game and I wasn’t ready for the flood of emotion that would flow over me after I took my first animal. We had decided to try a new area that I had never been to. It was an area that a couple guys in our group had hunted when they were greenhorns; about 30 years ago! The area is normally considered good mule deer habitat however and I was not worried about spending a couple preference points to get a shot at my first animal.

Little Bro Gets a Bull
After my little brother got his first big game animal, a great-eating mule deer doe, he went into a big game hunting slump. Despite his serious, distance covering efforts, he went three years without putting an animal on the ground. He had begun to get very discouraged over the situation. He wondered if he was destined to never take an elk; or any other big game animal for that matter. I would remind him that hunting is about the pursuit and not the kill but this is not the advice that a very young hunter wants to hear.
The Devil Tine Bull

There are hardcore trophy hunters that go their whole lives seeking out a certain type of bull elk. These rare bulls have points that sprout vertically off their first brow tines. They are called "devil tine" bulls due to the fact that these tines resemble devil horns. So when my brother-in-law's first bull ended up being adorned with these unique tines, we were shocked. But this wasn't only his first bull, or first elk for that matter. It was his first big game animal period!

Elk Season Success

Well, the second rifle season didn't start off as expected.  We planned for months and months leading up to this season and thought we had just about every base covered.  I had a lot of help from members on here like GooseHunter Jr and spent hours doing all the research I could.  Our initial game plan was to hunt some BLM land north of Craig for the opener but then get the bright idea to give Routt a try.  As we headed up the mountain we encountered what was left of some earlier snow but had high hopes for decent weather.