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Cow Elk? Yeah!

I used to be a hunter that didn't see the point in hunting the antlerless.  I thought it took a big portion of the sport away from hunting because there wasn't anything to hunt for, I mean, who cares how big a cow is, where's the horns? But every year it seems that much more difficult to draw any sort of a tag, and the Utah general season Elk hunts are extremely difficult.  So, I picked up a general tag and took to the hills for an antlerless.  Boy was it worth it!  It's not quite the same as walking up on a nice buck or bull (I've not been lucky enough to know what it feels like to walk up on a big bull of my own yet), but, it was a lot of fun. 

Idaho Hunt

I've done some traveling to hunt with friends and such is the case when we took a trip to Idaho to try our luck at Elk hunting. I've always wanted to try this kind of a hunt because of the many times I've seen it on TV so through a person that I have known for a while named Jack who lives in Nampa,Idaho and regularly hunts Elk, was kind enough to invite me out for a hunt. We made plans to fly into Boise and he would pick us up at the airport and then travel to his camp site up in the Sawtooth mountain range.

17 Year Old Helps Mother Get Her First Bull Elk

Our strategy for drawing tags in Arizona may not produce the most desired hunts, but it keeps our family together and in the field having a great time.  This past season, my son drew a late 3B Blackpowder Tag and my wife drew a late 3A/3C Rifle Tag.  The hunts were on the same dates which made things a little chaotic. Fortunately they both started the day after Thanksgiving and we had some friends available to help us. The only draw back for my son was that he only had 2 1/2 days to hunt because he had to be to school on Monday morning.

23 Years After First Elk Hunt, Dad Gets His Bull

My father first headed to Gunnison Colorado 23 years ago on his first Elk Hunt.  Two days before he left, I fell 27 feet head first from an unattended ladder leaning on a scaffold in a warehouse.  After waiting his whole life to go on the trip, everyone persuaded him to go and headed out with a group of friends he grew up hunting with. I was in the hospital after reconstructive surgery on my left arm just happy to be alive. He couldn't enjoy the hunt in Colorado knowing I was still laid up and came home early worried more about me than hunting.

Sometimes You Just Don't Use Names

Elk Hunting in New Mexico's Unit 4 during the peak of the rut is an amazing experience.  You hear Bulls bugling throughout the night and you can't walk 20 minutes in any direction without bumping into Elk.  You drive into base camp and you see Elk the whole way.  Hop on a horse and you see Elk.  Jump in an ATV and you see more Elk.  Yes, these are free ranging wild Elk jumping the Colorado State Line to mate and continue on for their winter migration.

British Columbia Mixed Bag Hunt

I live in Arizona and have a Mountain Home that borders the White Mountain Apache Reservation and can hunt 4 of the premier Elk Units in the world with less than an hour drive in any direction.  About another two and half hours straight east down Route 60 I have another property in New Mexico's Unit 17 bordering National Forest and BLM where 3 Governors Bulls have been shot within 5 miles of my land. The last thing I had any plans of shooting on a British Columbia Mixed Bag Hunt was a 310 +/- class Elk.

Almost Too Close
Quinton Hill

This elk hunt took place in 1989 and I was 19 years old. It was the first combined season (back then the first season was combined deer and elk) and some relatives from Nebraska were hunting with us. We arrived to set up camp the Friday before season in the afternoon.

Heart Attack Elk

This is a story about my brother in law who like me had been putting in for an elk tag for the Book Cliffs in Utah for what seamed like forever. I had drawn my tag the year before and had taken a nice 7x6 bull at 7:05 on the opening morning but that is another story.  When the notifications came out we found out that he had drawn his tag for the hunt so the planning started. Then on a Wednesday morning towards the end of May I got a phone call.  My brother in law was headed to the hospital for open heart surgery.

The Bull of My Lifetime
Quinton Hill

This hunt actually started when I was around 8 years old (1978). I remember coming down this old two track (jeep) trail in my father's old 1968 Ford Bronco. I remember the sun just coming up and looking down into this canyon below the road. I noticed a huge group of elk and told dad there's the elk. He said, "How many?" I replied, "The whole bottom's moving!" He killed the Bronco and jumped out leaning across the hood and using it as a rest as the elk started single filing up the other side.

Daughter's First Elk
Dalon Burford

Every year I wait in desperation for California big game results in late June. My wife, three children and I all put in for deer, antelope and elk. Fifteen chances we were bound to get something! My dad called me with results available, when I happened to be out of town with my other two hunting partners; one at a time my dad read the three of us our unsuccessful drawing results. Crushed again, with my family left to be read, I still have twelve more chances! Once again unsuccessful results were read, until he read the last draw.