Donny's Texas 8 Point

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It was early morning November 20, 2004 and one of the first mornings to be really cool. My buddy Rusty got up as usual at 4:45am, for coffee and a sweet roll. I was having a hard time getting up and was taking flack from him. About every 5 or 10 minutes he would say get up, lets go, this is the morning and being tired and moving slow I started to get up. We had been talking the night before around the camp fire about sitting in the stand together in case we saw a couple of does to ambush.

About 6:05am, we headed out to the stand, driving part way and walking the rest. I was still half asleep and walking slow, Rusty was hurrying me to get to the blind before the feeder went off. We make it to the stand, climb in, get settled and wait for daylight. 6:25am, the feeder goes off, we can see the open areas around the feeder using the binoculars, but there is nothing moving. About 6:45am, darkness breaks and we can see things taking shape.......7am, from right behind the stand out of the brush comes a nice 8 point and a couple of does.

I watched the buck come down a few yards and then cut across in front of us and then back towards the does........I raised my rifle, Rusty was whispering something in my ear but I wasn't listening cause I was focused on the buck and waiting for him to settle into my scope. The buck came to a stop and my crosshairs found their rest on his shoulder.......................POW!

The buck took off into the brush out of site. We waited a long five minutes and went to find him. I relied on the excellent tracking skills of my partner who sniffed him out about 20 yards from where I shot him. I want to thank Rusty for the incredible guide service and tracking, your a true friend and hunting buddy.


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Nice job on the buck.

Nice job on the buck.

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very nice buck, thanks for

very nice buck, thanks for sharing