Deer Hunting Success in Pike County Illinois

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I have been hunting for 8 years and have taken some nice deer, for instance in 2008 I shot a 145 in. 10 pointer with my bow but this one really made my 2009 season. I had made up mind that I was going sit all day in my stand for the first time. Usually I come out of the woods about 10:30 am but I had a hunch that if I remained patient something big would come out especially since anything can happen during the rut. I had seen a couple 2 year old bucks early and 3 does but for Pike county and cool weather the deer movement was slow because the corn had not been harvested.

I decided at about noon and after a 10 min cat nap that I would rattle and grunt and since it was the heat of the rut I rattled aggressively and gave some hard grunts. I usually don't have much success at rattling but all of a sudden at about 200 yards I glass this nice 10 pointer, nose to the ground and he was quickly coming towards my stand. I got my Winchester ready and kept grunting. The buck kept coming and I kept shaking as I always do when a nice buck is near by. He came in to about 75 yards but it was a frontal shot which I won't take and I knew that I would get a broadside shot if I let him come into about 30 yards. I passed the farther shot and he moved into 25 yards when I shot him in the heart.

He dropped where I shot him making the best hunt I have ever had. To have a nice mature buck respond like that made my season. I thought only the pros could do it. My buck was a typical 10 pointer and green scored just over 140 inches. I took him the first day of the 2009 Illinois shotgun season. I was hunting my in-laws farm in Pike County Illinois


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Very nice buck and good

Very nice buck and good story.

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Thats a beautiful buck,

Thats a beautiful buck, congrats

Great trophy, congrats

Great trophy, congrats