Dave's Washington Moose

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This is my buddy Dave's (we call him Tarzan) moose which he tagged in Eastern Washington in November of 2003. This isn't the prettiest picture, but it just came home today. He said it stood 7 feet tall at the shoulder. Its sitting in the back of a Dodge Long Bed. The game warden said it could be the biggest of the year.


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Arrowflipper is right, that is one great Shiras moose!

Dean: Arrowflipper is right, that is one great Shiras moose. He looks darned close to having a fifty inch antler spread and some nice palmation in his rack too. Like our eastern moose, they are not as big as the giant Yukon moose in the north. I’m applying this year in New Hampshire and Maine for moose permits and I’ll be adding Vermont applications back to the list as soon as possible (2013). But since the odds of drawing in all three states combined is still fairly long odds, I’m going to start looking at moose hunting options in the western United States and the eastern Canadian provinces soon too. I think that moose is THE best meat there is bar none including beef! Congratulations to Dave! Mike

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Nice Shiras Moose

That's one great Shiras moose.  People don't know how big he is when until you know that it's a Shiras.  They are not nearly as big as their cousins in the north.  Did you take him on Mt. Spokane?  I have a friend that took a cow up there last year.  I have applied for that hunt a plethora of times but so far have drawn a zero. 

Lots of meat in that truck.  And some of the best meat you can get.  Congratulations!

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Awesome moose. Good job.

Awesome moose. Good job.

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great moose, congrats

great moose, congrats