Daughter's First Big Game Hunt - Idaho Black Bear

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Hunting with Flying B Ranch in Kamiah, Idaho, my daughter was able to harvest her first big game animal, Black Bear.  She fought terrible wet weather and managed to fight through until she got her Bear on the last day of the hunt. Tim Abell with ESPN Outdoors was there filming an injured veteran on a hunt and this little girl was able to stick it out with the pros. She used her Remington Model 700, .270 with a Zeiss Scope that only her hands were used to sight in every click. This truly was her hunt with her gun. Like a typical teenager, she was able to slip in some Texting, Read a Book and take many Photograghs. 

After her successful hunt, we flew from Lewiston, Idaho to Medford, Oregon and rented a car to drive the California Coast on Route 1.  My daughter loves her Photograghy and from the Redwood Forest to Hollywood, she enjoyed a phenomol photo safari opportunity.  In Crescent City beneath the Redwoods along the ocean we photograghed extremely closely to a herd of Roosevelt Elk Cows with their calves along the Pacific Ocean shoreline.

Further south in the Redwoods we encountered a large group of Roosevelt Bull Elk in velvet for more outstanding photos.  Several deer were also pictured in this area and in Big Sur, less than a few hundred yards from the ocean we were able to photogragh Merriams Turkeys.

Shortly after returning from this trip, my daughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease at just 15 years old.  She spent nearly 8 weeks in the hospital and her promising time as a 3 time Arizona State Champion Gymnast and International Competitive Cheerleader has had to take a slight detour.  There has been no better therapy for her than her love of nature and the outdoors and we look forward to several more trips in the future.

Enjoy the pictures!


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That is really cool that your

That is really cool that your daughter shot herself an awesome looking black bear.. I want to congratulate her on that. I also enjoyed your story and the pictures but would like to see all the other pictures your daughter took on the trip as well. I'm sure they will be excellent. My dad and I are trying to get my mom and my sister out there so they can get their firsts. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's health issue. It seems like you caught it early enough and with medication and proper diet hopefully it can be controlled.

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Congratulations to your

Congratulations to your daughter on her first black bear. That is one fine looking bear. You will have to post up those other pictures she took on your trip. It sounded like she took some really good pictures and I'm sure we would all like to see them. As for the Crohns disease, these days it can be pretty well managed with medication and proper treatment. She should be able to live a long healthy life. Good luck in the future in all your family endeavors.

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very nice

Great looking bear!  And congrats to the huntress as well.  Well done all around.  Thanks for sharing the photographs and the story. 


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A big "Atta'girl" to your daughter.

What a great story of courage and determination.  And a fantastic looking bear as well.  Congratulations to both you and your daughter.  My prayers are with her in her fight for good health.

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I absolutely agree, there is

I absolutely agree, there is no better therapy than being in the outdoors.  I tell my wife that it's my stress relief, she just chuckles.

Congrats to you daughter on a great bear!  That's a nice one for anyone, let alone their first big game harvest.

As for the diagnosis, keep positive!  Heck, there are a couple of guys playing professional hockey, and one or 2 playing football, if I am not mistaken.

Have her take the bull by the horns, or in this case, the bear by the teeth, and meet it head on.  You seem like you have the right attitude, and it will rub off!


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That is a great story and

That is a great story and some great pictures to go along with it.  Sorry to hear about the bad news, hopefylly she will kick it in the butt and not let it get her down.


thanks for the story and wish you and your daughter the best!

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Thank you.

There is nothing worse than your own child suffering in anyway.  Your thoughts are appreciated and if anyone can kick it, she can.

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Good story. Congrats to your

Good story. Congrats to your daughter on her first big game harvest. That is one fine bear. I know a few people with crohns and i hope it doesnt stop her from getting back out there.

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Thank you.

Your thoughts on her health are appreciated.  Everyday she is doing better.

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Great Story!

That's a great story about your daughter and her first hunt. Really nice bear, too.

My wife also was diagnosed with Chrons when she was 15 - that was 45 years ago. By the time they figured out what it was, she weighed less than 90 lbs and was extremely weak. They doctors had tears in their eyes when they told her parents that they were sorry to detect it so late - they only gave her a 50% chance of surviving the surgery she needed. They removed 18" of her intestines - 9" of each small and large.

 Well, now it's 45 years and 4 children later. Since your daughter has no doubt been diagnosed much more quickly, she should be encouraged.

Congratulations to her on sighting in the rifle and shooting a beautiful trophy.

Good luck on a career in photography if that what she wants.