Dad's First Elk

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My Dad and I drew Elk Tags for Wyoming in 2000 and went with an outfitter that was known for great service and quality hunts. My dad and I worked all summer getting shape as we had hunted elk for many years without success and we were not going to let our condition get in the way. On the first day of our hunt Dad was the "1st Choice" shooter. Our guide had us on elk within 20 min and we worked up the draw after them. The big bull in the bunch looked good. Just when we were 200 yards out with only one hill to climb up, another herd of elk came over the ridge and our little herd went up to join them! They bedded down and we took some pictures as we climbed the 2 1/2 miles up the long way! Thank God that we had been doing lots of walking and hiking!

As we approached the herd they began to get nervous as some of them had wind of us. They were coming toward our position through a natural funnel (100 ft down on one side and us on the other. As they came though the funnel, the guide called out the distance. He told my dad that the big bull would hold up and let all of the cows go by. Sure enough he pulled off to the side giving my dad a standing broadside shot at 325 yards. Two shots from his 7mm mag went right through the chest, but the big beast just stood there! He turned and the guide called my Dad off taking a poor shot. The elk stood for what seamed like forever, but it was only about 45 sec. Our guide stood up and waved his arms and the bull turned to go down the mountain. "POW", Dad put another round through the chest. "POW", Dad put one through the front legs and down he went. He got back up and with dad out of ammo I shot for his shoulder and he went down. This animal was now still trying to push himself down the mountain with his hind legs.

Our mountain man guide called us off and hurried down to the bull to finish him off. At CLOSE range he fired 6 shots from his 454 Casull into the bull before he expired. As we dressed out the monster bull we found that all three of dads chest shots had hit mid lung shots right above the heart. Our guide said that in all of his years of guiding he had never seen a bull with such a strong will.

This trophy bull is mounted in my dad's basement and the 100 or so pictures of this hunt are just about worn out from all of the stories.

Here is a picture of my Dad's 1st Bull. He has been hunting for 7 years and this is sure a fitting elk for that much work. This picture was taken at 11,500 ft where we found this beast. The bull scored 330! A great trip to take with my dad and will never forget it!


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This is a great story. I have

This is a great story. I have hardly ever hunted without my dad. My dad never had anyone to show him. He learned everything on his own. Now my son is almost 4 1/2 and my dad and I are teaching him everything about hunting. He even gets mad when papa and me go hunting and he can't go yet because he is too small. But he comes along and everything else with us. Congratulations to your dad on his bull elk. Maybe someday I will get to share a story on my dad's first bull elk. That has always been a dream of his. Thanks for sharing your story.

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I love stories like this. I

I love stories like this. I hunt with my dad and my son all the time and so far my son has the biggest bull and my dad's only bull being the smallest. He and I have 17 points now in Colorado and should draw the hunt we want soon.

I pray when we finally get to hunt that my dad can take a reat bull like that one as I know he wants one so badly. No matter how big the buck or bull my dad has always insisted my son or I take the shot first. He deserves to get a great one for all the things he has done for us.

Congratulations on a great bull.

Man that is one tuff elk.

Man that is one tuff elk. They do have to be one of the tuffest animals I have ever hunted. I think they run farther after beeing shot with a gun then a bow. I think the loud noise gets there endrenalin pumping more. Thats truely a awsome first bull indeed. Its obvious that the bull didn't need any follow shots, still got me thinking why the Guied put 6 into him? All it takes is one well placed shot. Congrats on the memories that will never be forgoten.

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Great first bull!

Great first bull!

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Congrats, great bull, thanx

Congrats, great bull, thanx for sharing

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Congrats on the bull and thanks for sharing!

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Great story. Congrats on your

Great story. Congrats on your first bull. Hopefully ther will be more in the years to come. I can't wait to put pictures and tell the story of my first big bull elk.

Congrats on the bull and

Congrats on the bull and thanks for sharing your story! Bulls are tough even with a leathal hit they will keep going and going and going. Tuff animals I respect. I think that's why elk hunting is my favorite.

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You can't beat those kind of

You can't beat those kind of memories