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Hunting Lessons and Women

The year prior had been a great year for our group. My brother got his first deer, 2 bulls were taken (one 6X6 and one non-typical) and our camp found a new unit to hunt that was going to stay productive for both deer and elk. My brother and I felt so confident in the unit that we decided we were going to try our hands at bowhunting. This is the year that the CDOW allowed banking of preference points so we thought it was perfect timing to give the stick and string a try. I would hunt deer and my brother would hunt elk. He was in for a much bleaker hunt than he expected.

My First Longbeard!

The first day of turkey hunting in 2008 was a real doozie: 6 miles of steep, up and down ridge country, 70 degree temperatures, lots of gobbles and my first turkey.

2005 Colorado Deer/Elk Hunt

I had been big game hunting for a couple years and had gotten myself a mule deer buck, but up to that point, the wapiti had evaded me. So when 2005 rolled around I knew it was time to try a new unit. We decided on a unit that none of the guys in our group had hunted before. Two of my teachers had hunted the unit before which is where our decision to make the switch came from. Many hours in front of the computer screen, many emails, and a couple of summer scouting trips had our camp feeling semi prepared and excited for our third season rifle hunt.

2009 Colorado Turkey Hunt

As it did in 2008, success found me before the second weekend of the spring turkey hunt in 2009. It seems as though I am plagued with taking turkeys on opening day and then not being able to chase them for the rest of the season. It is bitter-sweet dilemma I guess. I am just going to have to start being more choosey and possibly switch to using a bow. Or maybe my luck will just run out.

A Waterfowl Hunter is Born

I am a big game hunter. That is where my deepest passion is. For a long time I didn't have a desire to hunt anything but large ungulates. Buddies and family members would poke and prod at me trying expose a reason why I didn't want to hunt waterfowl. I didn't really have a reason though. I just wasn't drawn to it I guess. Now, one of my biggest regrets is not getting into it sooner. I have to thank both my brother-in-laws for finally convincing me to give it a whirl. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

1st Bull Elk - A Non-Typical Club Bull

Like any successful elk hunter, I will never forget my first bull. I got him the first year that I took over planning for our group's hunts. I did a ton of electronic and phone scouting prior to the draw that year and came up with what I figured to be the answer to our group's elk hunting dilemma. Our scouting trip to the area in August got us revved up. We were seeing groups of 15-30 elk on a regular basis. I even got video of bulls fighting and bugling.

Going the Distance for Colorado Turkey

The two years prior to this last spring's turkey hunt I had found an awesome place to chase turkeys that didn't require me to drive halfway across the state. In other words, I had it made. But that all changed when, on a late winter scouting trip, a landowner informed me that he'd no longer be allowing access through his property to the isolated block of national forest that I wanted to hunt. At that moment, I knew I had quite a few hours of work behind the screen of a computer scouting for alternate backpacking routes into the area.

To Hunt a Predator
I had completed my first year of college without killing myself and had grown up quite a bit. My sophomore year up at CSU was about to begin. I knew that I had to stay focused on my studies if I wanted to make it out of CSU with a degree in wildlife biology in only 4 years. I couldn't (and still can't) afford to extend my stay any past that. But there was one big hurdle in my way (two I guess if you include all the ladies that reside in Fort Collins); I had drawn a tag for the September bear season in Colorado.
A Boy's 1st Hunt

It was my first ever morning of hunting. My dad and I were sitting on a point overlooking some pinyon juniper country, we had set up there just before civil twilight and I was really excited. I understood that I was in primarily deer country and stood little chance of seeing the elk that I had a tag for but through my 14 year old eyes everything turned into an elk. I tried to turn every stump, rock, and bare patch of ground into the cream colored rump of a wapiti.

Colorado Rookie

My first year with a Colorado resident tag in my pocket was for Elk in 2000. Being new in the area was daunting but I had made some good friends and was lucky enough to be invited into hunting camp with them. This hunt would be different than any other I had been on. Base camp was 6 miles in on horseback or in my case on the back of a mule. I am a big guy and apparently my new buddies figured I would hurt their horses so I got the lucky mule out of the herd. I have ridden horses off and on all my life but had never been on a mule. That was a great experience to say the least.