Colorado 21 1/4" Green Skull Bear

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WOW... Thats a big bear!!! Thats what I hear from almost everyone who looks at this bear...

With a green skull measurement of 21 1/4, this bear should make Boone and Crockett record books after the 60 day waiting period with no problem. 20" is the minimum score needed.

I shot this Black Bear (sealed by the state as a chocolate bear) on October 22, 2011 near Pagosa Springs Colorado... I'll just say east of Pagosa. Really close to were the last grizzly was taken. I have hunted this area since 1993 when I first came here with my grandfather, Lawrence Jobe. I have always had great success here, but with deer most of the time. Up until about 5 years ago, I had never even seen a bear in all the years I have hunted this area. It was in 2009, my buddy Derek and I found a mutilated deer in the area I hunt. We found rocks turned over and big piles of poop everywhere. I decided I wanted a bear, so I started looking for one. In 2010, I saw a sow with three cubs but no shooter bear. We were seeing piles of poop everywhere and all sizes of tracks. We were checking out the back side of the mountain I hunt and we found some 5 3/4" wide tracks along with some huge piles of poop. I knew, even though I have never harvested a bear that this was a big bear. I wanted this bear. We didn’t see this bear in 2010 but I was coming back to find him.

I couldn’t wait for this season to get here. (2011) My son and I both drew mule deer tags and we always get bear and elk tags. It was looking like a good season. We arrived for the second gun season two days early and after scouting the area I like to hunt, I thought my bear hunt was not going to happen. There were no piles of poop around and no tracks at any of the small man made ponds. I didn’t see any sign of bear so I geared up for an elk or deer.

When opening day arrived I went to my hunting spot at first light and sat behind a log looking for a elk or deer to run by. This spot is on a "escape" route for the animals. I can see up the hill from where I was sitting really clear and never saw anything cross the openings. After about 35 minutes an Albert’s squirrel started barking to my left. A few minutes later, a lot of noise came from right in front of me and this big hog stepped out of the scrub brush at just 17 yards and just 5 yards from the path I took to get to my logs. I never saw him come down the hill nor did I hear him. I think I walked right by him while he was sleeping. I reached for my gun and all in one smooth motion, I clicked the safety off  and  put a 308 round into him. He turned away from me and started running through the scrub brush. After about 3 seconds of not seeing him he stepped out again running up the hill about 30 yards away. I put one more round into him and he went down. I saw him kick and then he let out a loud growl. There was an eerie silence in the woods after he growled. It was totally quiet. I knew it was over. I could see him laying on his side up the hill. I stood up and was amazed by what just happened and the way the woods were so quiet. The moment was unreal.

After about a 20 minute wait,  I walked a full 360 around my massive hog I just shot. Walking up to this bear laying on the ground was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life and it was even scarier when I put my razor blade in his chest to clean him out. VERY nerve racking!!!!

These are my bears measurements. The skull score will be green untill the skull dries and can be officially measured near the end of Dec, 2011.

Lenth From ass to nose = 70"

Girth ( chest ) =57"

Green Skull Score = 21 1/4

 Field Dressed Weight = 475#

A special thanks goes out to my son Matt, friend Jeff Maxey and the people camping near us from Pagosa Springs for helping me get this bear out of the woods...


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Great bear

Congratulations on taking a gorgeous bear there. I'm sure that you had to sit there for a while and get back to "normal" after such an exciting harvest. Ain't it great!!

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great hunt and a true trophy. Thanks for sharing the story and I have to agree that is a big bear. Nice photos too.