Challenging Ohio Deer Season

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The first buck I saw of the Ohio 2003 bow season was a nice one. The first thing I saw was that his right side was very palmated, but a nearby turkey alerted the deer that I was around and scared it off. After he ran away it never entered my mind that I would see him again.

Roughly two weeks later my Dad shot and hit a buck. His shot was a little far forward but he got blood so we, of course, tracked him. We tracked him during the night and eventually the blood stopped and we couldn't find him after a long search. So we hung it up and went home. While we were driving home my Dad said the deer had a lot of palmation but for some reason it didn't hit me that it was the buck I saw.

Later on in season I shot and grazed an eight point, then I shot at a ten point and a small tree branch deflected my arrow, and finally right at the end of the rut I shot and missed a nice ten point. I was beginning to wonder if God was punishing me for something I did.

When I called home to tell my Dad about the buck I missed he told me he got a picture of the buck that he hit on our deer cam (pictured below). When I got home and I saw the buck I told my Dad "I want that buck". It still didn't hit me that the buck in the picture was the same one I saw earlier in the year.

Then my cousin said he also saw the buck a few times. So come opening day of shotgun season my Dad (who had shot an 8-point with his bow) and I sat in the area where the buck had been going through. I didn't see him but I saw what might be the widest buck I'll ever see in my life. I emptied my gun and didn't touch him with one shot. I couldn't believe it. Four missed opportunities in one season all at nice deer.

I took off school and hunted the second day but didn't see one antlered deer so I had to wait for the second to last day of deer season. With fresh snow on the ground things were looking up, but in the morning the only antlered deer I saw was a forkie. So I went out with my Dad, uncle, and cousin to eat then climbed in a ladder stand close to the area I had been hunting that morning. Around 4:45 coming toward the close of the day, I heard a branch snap and I looked behind me to see two does coming and then I saw antlers coming through the woods. In my excitement I accidentally made a sound and the buck right away locked in on me. Then he began to trot away. I had one shot and I took it. He did a back leg kick and took off running. I was sure my shot was good.

Right after I shot I heard a crash and I was sure he was down. After I got off the stand my cousin and I tracked an easy blood trail thanks to the snow and walked up on my fourteen point buck. When I held his antlers and looked at them, it dawned on me that this was the buck I had seen earlier in the year and there was a healed wound were my Dad hit it. My Dad did a quick score of the buck and it grossed around 142 B&C. Also I figured out that God wasn't punishing me, he made me miss all those deer so that I would get this one and I'm not complaining.


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Sweet looking buck!!!!! Good

Sweet looking buck!!!!! Good story.

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wow. thats a goofy looking

wow. thats a goofy looking buck

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Crazy looking buck!