Central Kansas Buck

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This Central Kansas Buck was shot on opening weekend with my father, Tom Williams near Tescott, Kansas. I walked approximately ¼ mile to get into position, in water way, at the end of a wheat field. My father went to the top of the wheat field to get into position at the other end, 1/2 section of grass and wheat fields. Deer must have noticed my father during the time he was getting into position.

The buck began slowly moving down waterway and then came out of grassy dike area. Pastures are on each side of wheat field with dike to move water away from wheat field. Buck began to run across the wheat field and headed straight towards me. I was crouched down in the grass. I shot the deer with a Remington model .270 rifle, one shot at approximately 50 yards. Unfortunately, no camera so we had to wait to take pictures until field dressed and on way to locker. 13 pts. Currently, buck is at the taxidermist. My father deserves credit for planning the hunt.


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Way to go!!!!!!!!

That is one super nice buck. Gotta love those big Kansas Bucks.

Great Story and Super Nice Buck.

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great story, one heck of a

great story, one heck of a buck, congrats

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Awesome buck!!!!! Good story.

Awesome buck!!!!! Good story.