Canadian Caribou and Moose Hunt

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This photo is of my 2001 Barren ground caribou (which scored 377 Boone and Crocket) hunt in the North West Territories. I have also included a photo of a bull that I took last fall in Alberta. The bull measured 48.5 inches wide.


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That is a fantastic Caribou and an awesome bull moose!

Jason: That is a fantastic Caribou and an awesome bull moose! You have a pair of amazing trophy animals! Thanks for sharing your photographs. Now if we could just get you to share some more information about your hunts, we would be all set ! The first question that comes to my mind is whether these were guided or unguided hunts. I’m applying this year in New Hampshire and Maine for moose permits and I’ll be adding Vermont applications back to the list as soon as my three years since being blessed by drawing my tag for my Vermont bull are up. But since the odds of drawing in the Northeastern United States is low even with all three states odds combined, I’m also starting to looking at Canadian moose hunting options too. I’d like to add caribou to the list of species that have made it onto my successful hunt list as well so I appreciate those fantastic trophy photos, but you leave me hungry for more information as to how and where the hunts took place. Congratulations on taking some fine animals anyway, Mike

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That is a fantastic Caribou and the cape is one of the most beautiful I have seen.  Looks like you had a fantastic hunt.

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Two awesome trophies there,

Two awesome trophies there, good job.

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both are very nice, thanks

both are very nice, thanks for sharing

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You got a couple gooders there!

Two awsome trophys great job

Two awsome trophys great job and thanks for sharing