California Hunting Photos & Stories

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Rookie Mistake Results With Success

Although I primarily hunt with a bow, I’m not as hard-core as some guys I know.  I still like to take the old Remington 700 in .270 out every once in a while.  As a matter of fact, I have sort of made it my own tradition to take the old rifle out, at a minimum, on my first day of hunting during the general (rifle) season. In California, you can hunt with rifle or bow during the general season.

Side-by-Side Success

As mentioned in previous posts and stories, I started hunting at a fairly young age, probably around 7-8 years old, with my Grandfather.  At that age, I was more of his rabbit dog than anything else, but none-the-less I was still “hunting” and learning with “Grandpa”.  I didn’t get to start shooting until I was 10 and eventually Grandpa bought me my first shotgun for my 13th birthday.  After moving back to Florida and away from my only hunting partner, I switched my primary focus from hunting to bass fishing basically due to the lack of available hunting opportunities. 

New Hunters are Born

So, after all my years of chasing game around the hills and mountains of Southern California, with a little slice of Ohio and South Carolina mixed in, it was finally time for me to pass the tradition forward.  My two sons had finally shown enough interest, and more importantly responsibility, for me to get them their hunting licenses. I started researching for a local hunter safety class and eventually found one pretty close to the house that would be given about a month away.

The Push Button Call and a Sick Little Boy

Since my first son was born, 4 years ago, I have been waiting (not so patiently) until he was old enough to accompany me to the woods.  My wife is a full fledged city girl, and she tolerates my hunting, but could care less about it.  So it would be all up to me to get him motivated and into the sport, and she said as long as I didn’t “force” it upon him, she was fine with it.

No More Dragging!

I wouldn't exactly consider myself an accomplished hunter but, I would say that I have had my share of success (and luck)! I started hunting rabbits and squirrels with my Grandfather at the age of 7 or 8 and did so until my family uprooted and moved back to Florida during my sophomore year of high school. My Grandfather never was really into deer hunting so he and I only got tags one season and only headed out after them twice (unsuccessfully). It wasn’t even my first deer hunt that got me hooked on chasing the elusive creature.

California Kern River Buck Hunt
Robin Newlen
I was drawn for the late season Kern River Buck hunt in California and this is what I was able to harvest. I was hunting with my very experienced husband (Kevin Newlen) and 2 small boys Seth (5) and Lil' Kevin (7) year olds.
California Boar Hunt
Scot Watkins
This 270 lb boar was taken in Santa Barbara County, California on October 29, 2008. My buddy Mike Becerra and I had spent some time scouting out this vineyard the weekend before, and found some large pig hoof prints in the mud around a irrigation pond. We decided to come back in a few days early in the morning to try and catch any sign of pigs coming of it for water.
California Gobbler
Rob Morello
Connor Morello, age 11 shot his first Gobbler this season in California. The tom took about 30 minutes to work into a 20 yard - 1 shot kill. Dad got to experience the hunt by sitting directly behind Connor as this big bearded 9 inch tom strutted his stuff. Connor said " prior to this hunting bunnies was great, but calling in turkeys is UNBELIEVABLE, it's now my number 1 sport".
California Trophy Blacktail Buck
Hank Moore
The buck was on a dead run with a doe. He stopped to look at me after I shouted "Oh S*#@!" He was standing broad side at 60 yards. I shot him just behind his front shoulder, taking out the lungs and dropping him in his tracks. My advice, stay alert and always be ready to shoot, you never know when opportunity will knock and how long or short it will last.
California Junior Deer Hunt
Al Nord
Dillon Nord and his first deer. He took this doe in Cisco Grove, California on October 16, 2005. He had a J16 junior hunt either sex tag.