California Trophy Blacktail Buck

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The buck was on a dead run with a doe. He stopped to look at me after I shouted "Oh S*#@!" He was standing broad side at 60 yards. I shot him just behind his front shoulder, taking out the lungs and dropping him in his tracks. My advice, stay alert and always be ready to shoot, you never know when opportunity will knock and how long or short it will last.

Species - Blacktail buck

Taken - September 29, 2007 at 8:30AM

Zone – D5 California on old logging trail in clear cut

Weather - Clear and cold morning following a snow storm the previous evening

Equipment - 30.06, Barnes Triple Shock 180 Grain Bullets

Weight – Over 200 pounds

Outside Spread - 28 1/4 inches (according to Taxidermist)

Height - 23 inches

Points – 4 X 3 with Eye Guards and a Kicker Point (total of 10 scorable points)

Score – we'll officially score him after required waiting period


ManOfTheFall's picture

Awesome blacktail!!!!! Good

Awesome blacktail!!!!! Good job.

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that is one heck of a

that is one heck of a blacktail!!!!! congrats