California Kern River Buck Hunt

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I was drawn for the late season Kern River Buck hunt in California and this is what I was able to harvest. I was hunting with my very experienced husband (Kevin Newlen) and 2 small boys Seth (5) and Lil' Kevin (7) year olds.

Earlier the second morning a pretty good storm rolled in and caught us all off guard as we were a long ways from the truck walking some canyons, needless to say we were soaked when we got back to the truck. We decided to take a long ride in the nice warm dry truck till cabin fever hit the boys hard, so we went up to higher grounds and let them play in the snow. On our way down we decided to go to Peppermint Creek and see if there might be movement around there. There were deer moving and some nice little bucks at that. My husband spotted a nice little 4 point (I've never been a "big" horn hunter anyways) and sent me on the chase that ended with a shot fired and no deer. I was frustrated and trying to figure out what went wrong, then my husband assured me even the best hunters miss. So we decided to drive slowly back to camp. Well I saw this deer slowly walking over the ridge in front of us. I jumped out of the truck in hopes of finding him on the other side.

I found him quickly and there he was standing and soaking wet and unaware of my presence. I looked through my scope only to see what I thought was maybe a heavy wide 3 point (good enough for me) but I knew he was better than anything I have ever shot at before. I shot, he jumped and startled about 15 yards and over he went. I radioed my husband and he was there in minutes. I pointed to where he was and we walked up as a family, and I lost it, he was huge! I tried not to cry because I knew there were pictures to be taken.

I don't know how many times we counted his points, a lot, that I do know. I still can't believe it!!! I didn't know California deer got this big or I was this lucky. He's a heavy 6x6 with nice eye guards and 28 1/8" wide. Needless to say I thank my husband for all his encouragement and guidance We've already taken him to the taxidermist and he measured him at a green score of 187. Well that's my story and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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thats one heck of a buck,

thats one heck of a buck, congrats, thanks for sharing

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Great story and one heck of a

Great story and one heck of a buck!!!!!

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That is one heck of a trophy.

That is one heck of a trophy. Congrats!