California Cinnamon Bear

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My first bear hunt was a total rush. I am a 34 year old woman and this is the first year in about 8 years that I have purchased a Hunting License. I have two small children and have put hunting on the back burner. This year I said enough and headed out with my husband for the day. Just off Highway 50 in Eldorado County, I found a piece of heaven. It was about 12:30 p.m. on a sunny fall day November 10, 2007. This is where I shot my first bear. A male Cinnamon Black Bear.

Along with my husband and me, we also were hunting with three hounds Billy, Crocket and Trooper all owned by Calvin Langford of Elk Grove, California. After locating the dogs I saw this beauty of a bear high in the tree. I aimed my Savage 30 06 rifle with 160 grain Nosler bullets for a head shot. One shot and he was down. I was so scared and excited that I could not move. After a few minutes I found my bear and just started to scream. I could not believe that I had shot this bear after not hunting for at least 8 years. My husband was so excited we just hugged and looked in complete disbelief.

Measurements of my First Bear:
Weight – 596 Pounds
Nose to foot tall – 89"
Girth – 58"
Arm to Arm – 67"
Head Circumference – 31"
Ear to Ear – 9"
Nose to top of Skull – 15 1/4"

I wish I could tell you how beautiful this Cinnamon bear is. I think this is the biggest bear I have ever seen in any news article in California. I am very happy to have been able to shoot this and have such great memories.


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Very nice bear, good job.

Very nice bear, good job.

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beautiful bear, thanks for

beautiful bear, thanks for sharing

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Wow great bear!