California Boar Hunt

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This 270 lb boar was taken in Santa Barbara County, California on October 29, 2008. My buddy Mike Becerra and I had spent some time scouting out this vineyard the weekend before, and found some large pig hoof prints in the mud around a irrigation pond. We decided to come back in a few days early in the morning to try and catch any sign of pigs coming of it for water.

On the 29th we arrived in the area as planned, early in the morning. As we were driving down the road doing approx 60 mph, reroute to our location a black flash caught the edge of my eye on the edge of a vineyard. By the time Mike had got his F250 stopped and was in the process of backing up, I had my clip out and was loading rounds. We backed up to edge of the vineyard and down approx 100 yards was this big ol' boar staring us down. I thought... "Oh Crap! We're Busted!" But he just stood there staring us down as I jumped out of the truck and loaded my 30-06. He kept looking to his right in the grapes, then back at me as if he was planning his escape route at the next slightest move I made. I dropped to one knee and put him in the cross hairs. He was looking straight at me, and it was at that time that I could tell just how big he was. I did not want to take a front shot on him, because of how big he was, so I just sat there waiting for him to bust and give me some type of broad side shot. For what seemed like an eternity, but it was really only about 30 seconds he just stood there staring me down. I flipped my gun off to the side to make some type of movement, and that was when he decided to turn and start moving in to the grapes. I laid the cross hairs on his front shoulder and squeezed. WHAM! You could here the thump from that 30-06 165 grain copper hit him. His head threw straight up and he dropped in his tracks!

I quickly chambered another round and watched him for about a minute to make sure he did not get up and run off in to the grapes. It was when I decided he was down for the count, I stood up and Mike and I began our high fives and celebrating. I knew he was a big boar for California standards and was stoked.

We drove down the dirt road to pick him up and when we got out of the truck, that's when all hell broke loose. What we did not know is running with him was a large group of pigs that had been gathering just inside the edge of the grapes. When we pulled up, it sounded like a bunch of bulldozers busting out in all directions through the grapes. I had already unloaded my gun, but Mike grabbed his and took off on foot back up to paved to try and cut them off going up in to the canyon. After all, he had a pig tag to fill as well. By the time he got to the edge of the vineyard, he could just see the group diving in to a canyon on private property, and his chances that day were over.

This Boar had been eating grapes off this vineyard and almonds from neighboring orchards and was the best tasting pig I ever had. Can't wait to go back and get the bigger one running in that pack! The taxidermist said the boar looks like a cross between a wild boar and a wolf. He has a really unique face and color about him. He's going to look really nice on my wall when I get him back in a few months.


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Good story nice boar.

Good story nice boar.