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Claws from Hell
Scooter Folmar

Hi, I’m Scooter and thought I’d try and write a story. This is about the time Deena (mom) and Ed (dad) took me on one of their hunts for anything. This took place in California during the colder weather. We were looking for pigs and having no luck so decided to stop for a little varmint calling. We were riding the quads, two Honda 300 4x4’s. As usual I was riding in my basket on the front of mom’s quad.

Daughter's First Elk
Dalon Burford

Every year I wait in desperation for California big game results in late June. My wife, three children and I all put in for deer, antelope and elk. Fifteen chances we were bound to get something! My dad called me with results available, when I happened to be out of town with my other two hunting partners; one at a time my dad read the three of us our unsuccessful drawing results. Crushed again, with my family left to be read, I still have twelve more chances! Once again unsuccessful results were read, until he read the last draw.

First Archery Buck

I got my first archery buck this year, on my birthday!  It started with a boring conference, being a school principal I routinely have to attend meetings, conferences, seminars etc....I was able to get out after the morning session and headed straight up the mountain.  I am lucky enough to have a few private land permissions and was able to get out on one small parcel.  I parked my car and headed up to my spot.

Lessons from "The Bottom" to the Top

So one day I’m sitting at home messing around the house and my phone rings out of the blue. I answer and hear my longtime hunting buddy on the other end. He is all excited about an opportunity to hunt pigs at a decent price and wants me to go along with him and his son. Apparently, he read an ad in one of our fishing and hunting magazines and called the guy to see if it was a misprint. You see, most hunting for pigs is either a guided hunt or on private property. Either option will usually empty your pocket in the tune of $400-800!

Deer Hunting Story: California Junior Hunt Success
William Hays

It all started on a hot summer day in 2002, both of my daughters were drawn for a Northern California Junior Hunt.  Kristen, my oldest daughter was selected last year for a junior hunt on Fort Hunter Liggett, but, due to the September 11 attack, the hunt was canceled.  This year Heather, who just turned twelve, applied with her for the 7Xa area and they were drawn.

Great Blacktail Bowhunt
William Hays

It was supposed to be a scouting trip and turned out to be my best Northern California bow opener ever!  I was attending a training class all week in Sacramento and then heading up to Northern California for a solo deer hunt to see what it looked like for the rifle opener.   I finished up my training Thursday afternoon and headed up to the Trinity National Forest.

Lucky Lady's California Elk Hunt
William Hays

This is a story about my youngest daughter, Heather, who has been the luckiest person I know regarding special hunt draws in California.  When she was old enough to have her name placed into the California lottery, she was drawn for a Northern California special junior hunt.  She took a 22 inch three by three mule deer on her very first hunt.

Darting and Diving Doves With Dad

Before I moved to southern California in 1997, I had never experienced the wonderful event that is dove season.  I had not even really heard of it, being from Vermont, where they didn’t even have a season.  Well, a few years after being settled out here, I decided to give it a try.

Patience and Luck

The 2006 spring turkey season had begun a couple of weeks earlier and I had already bagged a nice jake on the second Saturday of the season.  I planned on hunting again on another Saturday morning and was messing around with my gear in the garage when my oldest son came out and asked “Whatcha doin’?” I gave him that “here’s your sign” look and then realized he was actually interested in what I was doing. I started showing him my gear and calls, which resulted in answering multiple questions.

Lucky Lady Does it Again
William Hays

This is a story about a very lucky lady who has drawn 2 of 3 big game special hunt tags available to a person in California. Heather drew an elk tag back in 2008 and this time she drew the antelope tag.

All that’s left is the California Big Horn Sheep tag, and knowing her, I better start getting in shape now. Besides that, she has been on 3 special deer hunt draws and has taken two very nice mule deer.