Brown Bear Hunting Photos & Stories

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2012 Griz Hunt


As we were sitting on the rock Brent said that there is a chocolate colored bear on the hill.  I looked through my binoculars and watched as he walked out of the brush and into the meadow and then he turned sideways.  “That’s a grizzly” I said as Brent was getting the spotting scope out of his pack.  That was on day eight of my 10 day grizzly hunt.

Tonsina River Alaska Grizzly
Rick Strand
I caught this bruiser fighting with another grizzly in May of 2002. The skull came in about one and quarter inches short of going B&C. It had prime hide and, as you can see, the longest claws are nearly five inches in length.
GRIZ - Memoir of a Northern Hunt
Don Osterman
First of all let me say I never really thought about hunting a bear, black or grizzly. Then, 3 friends of mine, and I went to Alaska on a fishing trip. We seen bear everyday and really got the fever. I came home and started to write and call different guides in Alaska. Of course they all sounded great but after talking to George Siavelis of Aniak, Alaska I was sold and liked him right off. Booked my hunt 2 1/2 years in advance.
The Giants of Last Day Lake
John Hutchins, edited by BGH
This is the story of my trip to Alaska where I hunted moose and brown bear with George Siavelis of Aniak Alaska. In late August of 1995, I flew to Aniak via Anchorage. In Aniak, I was met by one of George's associates who placed me on a float plane flight into the wilderness of Alaska. After the plane landed on an unnamed lake I met George face to face and our hunting adventure began.
Trophy Brown Bear for the Determined Hunter
Hugo Hoerdeman
On this first morning of our hunt, Jim and I climbed a bluff called Moose Hill. We saw a large dark bear in the berry flat across the river. We took the jet boat across the river to get a closer look at the bear. We made an unsuccessful stalk on the bear through the thick willows and alders. When we arrived back at the cabin we learned that Elia and Billy shot a bear late that evening. The bear was killed at the mouth of Bear Skin creek.