Bow and Arrow Idaho Bull Moose

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I was very fortunate to draw a once in a lifetime Idaho Bull Moose tag this year. My area was just west of Yellowstone National Park, on the Idaho side along the south fork of the Snake river. I elected to stick it out with my bow and arrow, passing up many Bulls that I could have easily shot with a rifle. After 16 days and many many miles of travel the results proved to be colossal.

This Bull was moving away from me at almost 100 yards and the only tool I had to bring him back to me, like calling a puppy dog, was my $6.00 plastic fuel funnel that I bought at the auto parts store before we went to camp. The sound of the challenge brought him back to 25 yards as he was unwilling to share his space with another.

Little did he know...

I used a small one man blow up raft to cross the river and get to the island. It took seven trips with the raft to ferry the meat and head back to shore. Special times.

Lasting memories. Once in a lifetime. I was completely humbled by the entire process.

The Bull measures 46 + inches in width. I will soon get an official measurement. I got over 400 pounds of delicous steaks, roasts and burger.


Congrats! That's an awesome

Congrats! That's an awesome story and beautiful bull. I just pulled that tag this upcoming fall. Got any tips or info you'd like to share??

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Congrats!!!!! Very nice

Congrats!!!!! Very nice moose.

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holy crude that is a huge

holy crude that is a huge moose, congats, thanks for sharing

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That is a really great story!

That is a really great story! I commend you on your resourcefulness - using a plastic fuel funnel for a moose call and an inflatable raft to get the meat back across the water. How much duct tape did you use?  LOL  They should call you MacGyver after that hunt!

What a way to pull of a once in a lifetime hunt! I know that's something you will never forget


Bow and Arrow Idaho Bull Moose

Congrats and awsome job! I drew a tag in GMU 17 this year and have been tossing up the idea if I should bow or rifle hunt... not sure which I'll go with if not both