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Thanksgiving 2011 Hunt

During these times of holiday festivities hunting can sometimes be a family affair or it can be put to the wayside for the time being.

Thanksgiving 2011 was a fairly uneventful day for us. My spouse and I decided that since it was a day off for me, and her as well, that we would go out and do a few things that we both like to do. I wouldn’t get to hunt as hard as I like but I would have good company, my wife and two dogs. I would also get to do some four wheel driving which gives me the perfect excuse to test my new tires.

The Race Was On

I can still hear the music of the hounds as they sang "treed" across the canyon.  Their voices had changed from the erratic bawling and howling to a series of staccato barks no longer moving through the dense underbrush and trees of the lush countryside.  This was what I'd come to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington to hear; the announcement by a pack of hounds that they had treed a bobcat.