Black Bear Hunting Photos & Stories

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Minnesota Black Bear Hunt
Mary Jo Ralston
It was the 12th day of the season, and already I had spent over 24 hours in my stand. The Labor Day Monday opening day had made it difficult to get any extended time off, and I'd only been able to hunt 4 days. And the weather had not been very cooperative. I'd hunted in everything from 85+ degree heat wearing only thin cotton shorts and a tank beneath my camouflage netting to a 50 degree cold rain wearing several warm layers and a rain suit.
520 Lb Manitoba Black Bear
Tim Hastings
Pastor Duane Vanderklok from Rapid City, Michigan took this 520 pound black bear - just over 7 feet- skull measured over 21 inches. Luck was on his side no doubt! There was a sow on the bait and he came chasing after her. Perfect shot -- the bear went about 20 yards. This is the second Booner taken this past spring in Manitoba with Hastings Bros. Outfitters.
Saskatchewan Bear Hunt
Bob Gallagher
Well, my 16 year old son Connor is showing me up again. This is the chocolate bear he took on 5-19-08, two hours into the first day of the hunt. The bear was just over 5 foot and the weight was 170+. Two hours after he took his bear, a large black came in and attacked his bear that was on the ground 10 yards from his stand then went on to the bait. He has photos and video of the action, but the best thing is that I took that same black bear two days later. The black was over 6 foot and the weight was 250+.
Colorado Bear Hunt
Juanice Gray
We'd just about given up hope of seeing any game when, suddenly, a big, black, fierce looking bear came out of the woods. It looked like it was the size of a small elephant to me with shiny black fur and all I could imagine was foot long teeth and claws to match, much like the tiger on Ice Age. Of course, it was an average bear, but never having come into such close contact with one in such a remote place, it really looked menacing. It started to creep across valley through the aspens, weaving in and out and behind brush and among the aspens and spruce trees.
Big Michigan Black Bear
Tom McCarthy
I shot this black bear September 27 2004 near Newberry, Michigan. It dressed out at 546 pounds and the DNR believes its live weight was well over 600 pounds. Our hunt was assisted by bear hounds.
Maine Black Bear Hunt
Kevin Messenger
Black bear taken during the fall bear hunt in September of 2000 in Maine. The bear was taken with a muzzleloader, using patched round ball, in .54 caliber.
My Bear - Who Would Have Ever Thought!
Beth Dore
It’s been two years since my first bear hunting experience in New Brunswick. My husband and I committed to my second bear hunt in beautiful British Columbia (and this trip proved to be successful - in more ways than one).