Bighorn Sheep Hunting Photos & Stories

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Idaho Bighorn Crags Ram
Mark Arana
As a friend of mine and I climbed a high cliff face that overlooked a giant creek basin, the daunting feeling of the steep terrain came over me and I knew the likelihood of finding rams was not good. After 3 separate trips and 27 total days I had met my match in this country. As a native Idahoan I have hunted throughout most of the state for various big game species but bighorn sheep hunting in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River country is the most grueling hunt I've been on as of yet.
Oregon Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Jerry Holloway
When I checked online to see what tags I had, or hadn't, drawn for this year, I was shocked to see a picture of a Bighorn Sheep, along with an Elk, meaning that I was successful for both!
Dall's Sheep Hunt
Lee Lawson
I was fascinated by the different species of wild sheep, and the white variety caught my eye. These beautiful animals intrigued me like no other animal. My dream was to, some day; go on a hunt for a trophy Dall's Sheep. They can be only hunted in Alaska or Canada, in very high mountain ranges, using a registered professional personal guide required by law. But that did not stop me from dreaming and investigating different outfitters each year.
Yukon Dall Sheep and Moose Hunt
Greg Verdugt
During the first two weeks of September 2004, I was able to take a trip with Dickson outfitters in Canada's Yukon province for a combination sheep/moose hunt. We flew three hours north out of Whitehorse to a base camp on a lake, then ventured north for another day by horse to arrive at the sheep camp.
Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunt
Joe Nelson
Successful September 2003 bighorn sheep hunt by Salida, Colorado.
Lucky 13
Bob Mancuso
When it comes to drawing quality trophy hunts, my wife is definitely the breadwinner in our family. I have been submitting draw hunt applications for 20 years now, with no success, but whatever Sherry puts in for, she gets! We sent in her application for California Big Horn Sheep on her birthday, the 13th, and she actually drew! Last year 190 applicants put in for 6 tags!
First Dall Hunt
James Mellody III
Here I am in the summer of 2002, on my first dall sheep hunt. I hunted in the Northwest Territory of Canada. I shot this ram at about 250 yards with my fathers 7mm ultra mag. Thanks to the support of my father, McKenzie Mountain Outfitters, and my guide, Billy-Jack. We measured the ram at 38'' curl by 37.5'' curl, possibly 8 or 9 years old. I am looking forward to my second sheep hunt this summer. I will be going for a stone sheep and my father will be going for a mountain goat.
First Three Hunts of the 2004-2005 Texas Grand Slam
Ron Marsh
A Desert Bighorn Ram, Mule Deer and Whitetail taken in the Texas Grand Slam.