Big Canadian Whitetail

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It was my last night of muzzleloader hunting. It was getting late, and the night was becoming dark quickly. I was feeling as if I would not be filling my tag for the second year. Although my hope was fading, I was still optimistic.

At around 5:30pm, I heard what sounded like footsteps coming through the bush behind me. I looked around and around, without seeing anything. Then out of nowhere this nice buck presents himself directly in front of me. The buck walked right past me without realizing I was there. All of a sudden he got downwind of me and knew something wasn't right. He made a quick 180 degree turn and I figured he was gone, but I reacted quick with a grunt to stop him long enough to get off a shot.

The shot was taken and the deer instantly stumbled and took off crashing through the bush. I watched him as long as I could till he was out of site. After he was out of site I climbed down to check for a blood trail cause I was positive he was hit hard. I walked over to where I had shot him and to my surprise I didnt see any blood. I was a little confused after seeing how the deer reacted to the shot, so I walked into the bush about 25 meter before finding solid blood. I decided it would be in my best interest to back out and wait till morning to pursue this deer.

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn. We started at the spot where we found the last blood. Unfortunatly it had rained during the night so we were left guessing where this deer may have went. We followed the many deer trails that ran through the bush. About 30 minutes into our search I heard someone yell " I found him!". Suddenly it felt like there was a weight lifted of my shoulders. As I walked up, this deer was even bigger than I thought. I coundn't believe the size of him, this was a buck I considered passing on a first glance. Man am I glad I pulled the trigger on this guy!


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Your dedication to following up on your deer is commendable.

I am happy for you that you got your deer. I can imagine, imagine heck I've been there myself, what you were feeling as more time passed while looking for this deer. It can be hard to keep the optimism as time passes.


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Tracking deer

1st off, Congratulations. 2ndly I remember doing something very similar a few years ago. I thought that I had marked the deer well but once I got over to were I thought I shot him I couldn't find any blood. After I followed deer trails for a while to no avail I calmed myself down and said let me start  were I last saw him. While walking back to that spot I located him and a heavy blood trail that was running 10 ft parallel to where I was walking!!! Sometimes two sets of looking eyes are better. Last Year my Wife I were searching for a buck that I hit and as we were talking my 2 yr old son spotted it before us!!

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Congratulations on taking a

Congratulations on taking a great buck and writing a great story for us about it. Never give up till the sun goes down on the last day is the way to hunt. We all get discouraged sometimes but your experience shows once again that perseverance can and will pay off. And your right, I think it's a good thing you didn't pass on this buck as he's a great one the way I see it. Thanks again for your story and picture and hopefully your future seasons will go just as well or even better.

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That is a very well written

That is a very well written story...thanks for sharing your hunt with all of us.  That is also a really nice deer.  he looks to have some great mass to him...congrats on a sucessful hunt.

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 Buck Down - that was a


Buck Down - that was a great story you shared.  I have been in that same situation where I had to go back out the following morning to pick up a blood trail of a deer shot the previous evening.  Not easy after a rain but sure glad you were eventually able to get to that deer of yours.  He looks like a mighty fine buck.  Congrats on your great harvest and thanks for sharing your story and pictures.


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Wow! What a nice deer! Ugh!

Wow! What a nice deer!

Ugh! When it rains and you have a deer down in the woods, it's really hard to get any sleep. Normally I love to go to sleep listening to the rain, but in that situation, I'm praying that every drop will not wipe out the blood trail of my deer.

Thanks for the great story and the picture of your buck. He's a dandy!