Arkansas Youth Deer Hunting Success

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My stepdad Scott, my brother Daniel, my neighbor Robert and I were driving to our deer stands in Athens Arkansas. Scott saw a deer. I couldn't see it. It got up and ran off. We got out of the truck and walked into the woods to take a look. Scott turned to walk back to the truck. Another deer stood up to see what was going on. I could see that it was a buck. I pulled the hammer back and I shot it in the neck. It dropped over and was kicking. I had to shoot it again while it was laying down. Then we went back to the truck. We went home and got two more of my brothers, Andy and Dillon. Mom didn't believe me and Andy didn't either until we got back to the deer. Then Andy said HOLY COW! That is a good sized one. It was an 8 point. Almost 9. Then he said it had a good rack on it. We drug it to the truck. Put it in and brought it home. Andy and I cleaned it. My birthday was yesterday. This was a great 11th birthday present!


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congrats on your first buck.

congrats on your first buck.

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Very nice first buck and good

Very nice first buck and good story.