Arkansas Double-Bearded Tom

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My morning started out the same as the past mornings in south Arkansas. No birds gobbling at daylight, so I sat listening. Not a sound in ear range for more than two hours. Trying all the calls in my pack with my alum slate in hand. There he was 300 yards away talking back, then 200 yards. Same place last year he hung up on me a 100 yards out, so I made the move u the creek. I sat at the bottom a big white oak tree. Called the thunder back 75 yards away. As I got my gun ready I saw a bird to my left 50 yards, going right to left just as I put the bead on the head, I saw he only had about a 2 inch beard. So I waited, then the thunder again, he was to my right 40 yards over a knoll, when he poked his head over he was mine. My first double beard, 10 ½ inch main beard and 4 ½ inch second beard, total of 15 inches with 1 ¼ inch spurs. A true boss of the woods!


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Great job!!!!! Sounds like it

Great job!!!!! Sounds like it was alot of fun.