Arizona Youth Turkey Hunt

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Christian (12) and James (10) Broadus tagged these 2 nice toms on the second day of their turkey hunt. We started out Friday morning and spent the day trying to locate a tom without any success. Saturday we went out knowing we only had a couple of hours as one of the boys had a baseball game that afternoon. Not really expecting much, we walked up a hill with the idea of just sitting for few hours. Without giving a locater call a tom gobbled about 200 yards out, we moved into the tree line and set up the decoys. We could see the turkeys way out. On the first call they turned and came trotting to us. The boys had not been able to sit still the day before (their first real hunt) but now with turkeys in sight they were frozen. It took about 15 minutes for the birds to get to us. They came in perfect for a double shot from the 20 ga. shotguns. They had their turkeys and a great story.


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Way to go!!!!!!!!

I teach Hunters Ed. and there is nothing better than to see kids out hunting. Tell the boys Great JOB.

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Great job on the toms and

Great job on the toms and great job on getting the youth involved!!!!!

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Congrats to the young

Congrats to the young hunters, those are some nice looking turkeys

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I know this is last year, but I just found the picture. Excellent job. That picture says a thousand words. Look at the smile on their faces. Excellent job! My boys have yet to score thier turkeys, but we have had some great hunts.