Arizona Javelina with a Bow

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Harry Grizzle, age 12 took this Arizona javelina with his Browning bow.

It was in Arizona unit 37A. The time was 4:30 in the afternoon. The javelina was 15 yards away and I could not move for 2 minutes because he was looking at me. It was the first javelina I saw this day. He was an old one and had scars all around his neck, legs, and a torn ear. He ran 150 yards with no blood trail. Due to a recent rain he left tracks and I found him lying down in a low shady spot. This was my first archery hunt ever. Harry Grizzle age 12. Last year I had to pistol hunt due to a broken arm. This year was my first ever archery tag. I shot this javelina at 15 yards with my Browning bow. I'm hooked on archery.


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Great job on the javelina.

Great job on the javelina. Archery is definitely a passion.

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congrats on the fine bow

congrats on the fine bow kill, thanks for sharing