Archery Hunting Photos & Stories

Every hunter likes to share stories about their experiences afield and many hunters like to hear these stories. The Photos & Stories section of (BGH) allows hunters to share their hunting adventures in the form of stories and photos. Please feel free to browse, read, and contribute to this section of BGH.
Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer & Black Bear
Jason Lyon
The whitetail deer was a 173 lb 8 pointer I harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with archery equipment. The black bear was 150 lbs, and harvested on public land in Pike County, Pennsylvania with a 12 gauge 870 Remington using 2 3/4 inch Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slugs. This was the second Pennsylvania black bear I have taken in 10 years in the Commonwealth.
Saskatchewan Black Bear Bowhunt
Andy J. Dubourt
Back in 1996, my Uncle Ron Schira, noticed that I was very interested in hunting. I was 14 soon to be 15 years old. I had hunted with rifles and shotguns since I was 12 with my dad. But never with a bow. I found it amazing that most of the trophies hanging in my uncles houses were taken at under 25 yards with a bow. I convinced my mother to buy me a bow with some money my grandmother had given us for Christmas.
Pennsylvania Fallow Buck With a Bow
Jimmy Barnes
It was on a Wednesday morning and from a treestand I had several deer come within distance, but when this deer came through I was able to take a 30 yard shot and he only went about 50 yards.
Massachusetts 8 Point Deer
Dan Hayward
This is one of two deer that I harvested this past 2008 season in eastern Massachusetts zone 11. The first one was a 7 point, one hundred eighty pound buck. This one is my biggest to date, was an 8 point two hundred two pounds that I shot at forty yards. All deer that I have taken have been by bow only. I'm looking very much towards the 2009 season!
Rut Crazy Bucks
Joe McNamara
It was one of those perfect brisk November evenings in the deer woods. This day the autumn woods were full of deer activity. The bucks sure seem to be at the peek of their rut. As always I was perched high in my stand and waiting for that dream of a lifetime buck to come along. I was pumped and ready for some action.
Bowfishing Ohio's Muddy Waters
Pete Muennich
Two teenagers equipped with bows and arrows standing up in a canoe, probably isn't the safest way to float down a river. Yet, this is how we spend most every summer day that provided little cloud cover as well as no recent rain fall. Both of these conditions are critical for a successful day of bowfishing.
Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This moose was taken in Northern Ontario at 60 yards with a 2006 Martin Sabre set at 68 lbs, Beeman carbon arrows with 2 inch rage mechanical broadhead.
17 Year Old's First Deer in Ohio
Rusty Pope
This is my 17 year old stepdaughter Marcia's 1st deer. She killed her with a PSE crossbow at 15 yards in Ohio late October 2008 and it weighed in at 125 dressed. Later on a youth gun hunt, she took her 1st buck, a nice 7 point weighing about 125 also.
Fantastic Illinois Deer Hunt
Dan Nations
I went hunting with my brother – Doug Nations - in Western Illinois (near Moline, IL) the first week of November. We were a little early for the rut and didn't see much. I had to go back home to Arizona and since he lives in Moline, he got to stay (The Lucky Rascal) and continued to hunt the next week which was prime time for the rut. He saw many deer on the morning of November 13th, many bucks chasing does and he bagged this one with his bow at 15 yards.
Oregon Four Point Blacktail
Wayland Sherman
It was getting close to the end of the hunting season. I had passed on several large forks during the season which is different for me. I have always been a meat hunter, not an antler hunter. With two days left to hunt, I decided that a a fork was better than nothing at all. I was hunting these benches when I saw a fork down below me.