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My 09' Ohio Buck

I work midnights and it was going to be one of the first colder mornings of the year. I was hoping to get off work early. It was October 20th and there were several scrapes in this one particular area I hunt in. I didn't get off as early as I planned but I did manage to get off in just enough time to hurry home and get out to the stand.

Red Stag... in New York?
Joe Pagano aka: jpcomputers

It was October 1st of 2009. We had the whole crew going out in the woods that fine opening day morning. I was set up in a tree close to a nearby pond. And as any great white hunter will tell, you don't get much sleep the night before an opening day for a hunting season. With that said, I was nodding off all morning but trying to stay alert. It was 7:18 AM or so when I heard something walking in the pond close to me beyond the brush and trees. I quickly jumped up and grabbed the Reflex Growler.

Mississippi Bowfishing Trip

I decided one day to look for a guide to go Bowfishing in Northern Mississippi.  I found an outfitter.  I checked the prices out and decide to get a group together to try them out. 

Beginner's Luck in New Mexico
Kurtis Hulett

Hunting elk is something I've dreamed about ever since I can remember and it finally came together this year. A friend and I put in for the New Mexico draw. Using our first choice in a "easy to draw" unit, we were lucky enough to pull our tags.

Oklahoma Bowhunting Grand Slam
Mac Moad
The first week of October was finally here. The first three days were spent in my favorite stand watching 3 raccoons in which I had named Larry, Curly, and Moe. The mother raccoon was slightly bigger than the two younger ones, and seemed curious to every movement surrounding them. The days here in eastern Oklahoma in October were still in the 80's with mosquitoes buzzing everywhere. I was wondering if it was still too hot to hunt and questioned myself again over and over.
Northern Ontario Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith
This is a pic of my 2009 archery moose hunt up in Northern Ontario Canada, this is my third year archery hunting and I am 3 for 3 - 2007 cow moose, 2008 cow moose and I had another cow tag this year but took a nice chunky bull calf in 2009.
Indiana Deer Hunting Success
Chris James
It was a nice November 5th 2009 evening in Indiana. I had just gotten off work and I was off to the woods to get in my stand. I got my gear on, sprayed down and to my stand I went. I put out a couple of scent pads on the way in. I arrived at my stand at about 4:00 pm, I set down and was getting comfortable for the night's hunt. After getting comfortable I hit my grunt and within 2 minutes I saw my buck standing in the partially picked cornfield about 80 yards from my stand.
The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Lance Stephens
For big bow hunters all around, the beginning of the season is a time we anticipate with great enthusiasm. Everyone has their bows tuned in, tree stands set, and you just can't wait to try out that new decoy. But, is every bow hunter really prepared to see more big bucks in that first evening than they ever had before? Well, I wasn't.
Successful Muley Archery Hunt
Heather Moore
My husband and I always take the first two weeks of archery season off work, so we can get the upper hand on the animals. This year however, Darren had to work out of state the first week, so he didn't even get to hunt, and I ventured out on my own. We had been getting a lot of promising pictures on the game camera, but none came in while I was there that I wanted.
Archery Hunt in August's Sweltering Heat
Steve Schulz
As the mercury steadily rose outside it was easily 10 degrees higher in the blind, I was tucked in awaiting the arrival of thirsty antelope. The hotter it got the more uncomfortable it became inside the blind which now was turning out to be a sweat box. I'm not really sure, but while inside that 70x70x90 sweat box a buddy of mine texted me telling me it was 92 degrees out. Not sure but I don't really think he was simply informing me of the fact more so than getting a little enjoyment out of the misery I'd intentionally placed myself in.