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First Buck - Finally!

It was 1996 and my 18th year of hunting. I turned 30 that year and I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to shoot a buck. Up to this point I was strictly a gun hunter and had only taken a handful of does. That year I did pick up the bow and began to venture into the world of bowhunting.

My First Buck!
Deer Slayer

It was the afternoon of November 6th, 2002. My dad picked me up from school, and we rushed home to get ready to go out to the woods for an evening rut hunt. After we got ready, we drove to our spot, sprayed down and began walking towards our spots. It was only my second year of deer hunting, so I still hunted on the ground, so I had my groundblind and my dad wasn't too far away in his treestand.

Wife's First Hunt
numbnutz ( Josh )

I talked my wife into going hunting with me last spring, She had never been before and was kind of nervous about it. I bought her a bow and we spent the summer going to the range and practicing. Finally August 27th came and we headed out of town to my spot in the starkey unit in northeast Oregon (I've been hunting there for 10 years). We got camp set up and then we set up a 3d target to shoot a little bit. Just as we thought our bows were still shooting dead on.

Maine Soldier's Dreams Come True in Ohio
Ohio Bowhunter

An American soldier from Maine catches his dream in Ohio after returning home from two tours in Iraq, after many stop loss orders later.

Mikey is Something Special
Ohio Bowhunter

This is an incredible story that began back in 2005 and I want to share it with all.

The story is about a kid nicknamed Mikey who touched my life in a profound way like no other.

Stamina Staggering Pope & Young Pronghorn to Remember
Bob Solimena

Jim said to me, "We ought to get an early start in the morning, that way if the antelope see the truck in the dark they won’t spook very far." Little did I know what would be in store for me the next day.

1st, 1st and 1st Antelope

My brother and I headed west in Saskatchewan for our 2009 antelope hunt. This was our 1st archery hunt, 1st goat hunt and 1st shots at an animal with a bow all in the first day. The action was fast and furious with the rut in full swing. My brother took the first goat with a text book stalk to within 40 yards as the antelope was tending to his does and made the perfect broadside shot, within minutes he was down it was so exciting to watch the whole thing unfold I got to video most it from a distance.

One Crazy Day of Doe Hunting!

It was early October, 2005, and it was 88 degrees. I said to my son let's see if we can take out a couple of does this evening. We got out to our stands and amazingly we spooked several deer around 3 o'clock. Right around 3:30 I heard my son shoot his bow and he yelled over and said he has one down. So, I went over to him. We tracked her and she was only about 60 yards away.

Ohio Deer: My Son's Biggest Buck

It was the morning of November 6th, 2004. I had to work the night before but I knew the morning would be good. I had my son stay out at his grandma's and told him he needed to be in our favorite stand before it got light and I would meet him out there after work.

November 4th Was a Good One

November 4th of 07' was a good morning for deer hunting. My son and I decided to go to 2 of our favorite stands. I got up into my stand about a 1/2 hour before shooting light. A few minutes after I got settled into my stand I already began to hear deer moving. Although I couldn't see them they were moving pretty good.