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Cadillac Black Bear Hunt

I met Tom in the early 90’s when I lived in Maryland.  He was a transplant from the state of West Virginia and a bow hunter.  My bow hunting experience up until that point was just flinging arrows with my Bear recurve bow and not knowing what I was doing.  I never hunted with the bow, just a little target shooting.

One Arrow, Three Shot Shell, Two Turkeys

As I started writing this story, I realized that a lot of my hunting stories involve my friend Chris.  Never really thought about it, but I guess he and I do hunt together a lot.  This is a good thing.  Everyone should have a good hunting buddy with whom to share their hunting adventures.

Pre-Vegetarian Turkey Hunt

I have read about the parent-child hunts on and they always bring a smile to my face.  There is something special about parent-child hunts.  Part of that “special” is that bring a family together to share the outdoors.  Not too many families do much together these days, let alone outdoor activities so it is good to see one generation passing the tradition of hunting down to the next.

First Buck With Bow

I have been bow hunting for whitetail deer since the early 90’s but just have never been able to close the deal.  Sometimes I missed and sometimes my arrow would fall off the rest or the deer would see me and spook; why I wasn’t able to close the deal varied, but it all had the same result – no deer.

My Makeup Buck

It was November 1st, of 2003. My son and I were hunting out of what we called the big stand. It was a homemade stand with about a 5 foot platform with a soft swivel seat right in the middle of the platform. The morning was cool and damp. I had my bow and my son had our video camera. We had seen several deer but nothing close enough to shoot.

Great Blacktail Bowhunt
William Hays

It was supposed to be a scouting trip and turned out to be my best Northern California bow opener ever!  I was attending a training class all week in Sacramento and then heading up to Northern California for a solo deer hunt to see what it looked like for the rifle opener.   I finished up my training Thursday afternoon and headed up to the Trinity National Forest.

Ronnie's First Deer Hunt
Jim Boyd

"This is just totally ridiculous”, thought my little brother Ronnie, as he perched 15’ up in a pine tree. Shivering in the unusually cold weather, he continues his line of thought -  “I have no business here”.
Here he sits, on a heavy, homemade one piece climbing style deer stand – that does not even have a seat. Heck, the stand is steel, it is not even made of aluminum. He has a little seat separate from the stand that is secured the tree with a little section of chain (these were popular back in the 80’s).

50th Birthday Buck
Frank Roberts

It’s Nov.10, still dark and about 30 degrees. This was only the third morning that I have been in the tree stand this year and bow season has been in for five weeks. I’m thinking how fast time gets away from us these days. I turned 50 last week which is only by God’s grace and mercy. I and most folks that are close to our family once thought me reaching 45 would be a long shot due to an extended illness.

Side-by-Side Success

As mentioned in previous posts and stories, I started hunting at a fairly young age, probably around 7-8 years old, with my Grandfather.  At that age, I was more of his rabbit dog than anything else, but none-the-less I was still “hunting” and learning with “Grandpa”.  I didn’t get to start shooting until I was 10 and eventually Grandpa bought me my first shotgun for my 13th birthday.  After moving back to Florida and away from my only hunting partner, I switched my primary focus from hunting to bass fishing basically due to the lack of available hunting opportunities. 

Crazy Coyote
Scott Scherer

It was another day at the Taxidermist when my helper Curtis and I were doing some deer heads. As we were doing deer heads Curtis asked me about coyote hunting. I told him when it all works out it has got to be the funniest animal to hunt. In Kansas we can hunt coyote all year long so when we get bored we grab a bow or rifle and head to the woods looking for the great song dogs. Curtis was getting pretty excited hearing some of my stories of hunting the old dogs. Next thing you know I decided to shut down the shop and take Curtis hunting.