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Paul's River Buck
James R Jones

Paul's call came on one of the final weekends of Tennessee's 2006 general season, when thousands of rifle hunters would be out making a last search for their winter's venison. We decided to head to River Bottoms the next morning. Paul and I headed for our treestands well before daylight, we could see plenty of whitetail sign in the 4 inches of fresh snow covering the ground. We would give these final days his best effort. Despite the late-November cold, we were truly loving the early-morning vigil as the world awakened around us.

The Contest Continues: Me and Mr TV Buck Part 3
James R. Jones

A chill hovered in the afternoon air as I silently followed the wandering creek to my favorite spot in the bottoms, in only a few short weeks, fall's frosty breath had transformed the surrounding woodlands from summer green to a cool fall brown. All around me the damp ground sank beneath me. Soon I dropped into the streambed, easing carefully along a fallen cottonwood, slick with moisture. Wet gravel crunched softly beneath my rubber-bottom boots as I forded the shallow creek and eased up the far bank, stepping into the brushy tangle beyond.

Two Turkeys With One Shell, and an Arrow...Sort of...
Mike Skelly

Hardcore turkey hunters will probably not appreciate my method of turkey hunting or the fact that I took young birds.  But with only one bird to my credit life to date at the time of the hunt, I was thrilled to take any turkeys that I could legally harvest, so here is the story of how I took two birds with one shell…well and an arrow, but that hardly counts.

R&R Plus Deer Hunting Equals Therapy
James R Jones

October R&R, the best vacation ever. I am deployed to a remote Combat Outpost in the Mountains of Eastern Afghanistan. About the nicest way I can describe it as a hard and rugged corner of the world, very inhospitable for sure. To drive the point home just as I typed that last sentence and dotted the period at the end of that sentence.  Our base started receiving indirect mortar fire from our local taliban friends across the mountain. True story, I did not add that in for dramatic effect.

Who's the Real Turkey?
James R. Jones

It was the holiday season 2008, our 2 other kids, Matt and Monica, were up from Georgia visiting for the holidays. They live with their mom and try to visit with us when they are out of school and I am not out of the country playing Army somewhere. As I do most every chance I get during hunting season, take one if not more of the kids hunting with me in our own back forty behind the house.

Foggy Morning Buck Down
Jerry Beach

  I couldn’t believe it; I was lost.

  Well, not really lost – as in not knowing where I was or how to get home – but I couldn’t find my stand – and I knew I had to be very close to it.

  It was a large, wooden platform about 18 feet up in a big White Pine.

First Michigan Buck of 2010
TJ Brubaker

The start of 2010 deer season was upon me. I usually just hunt my home state of Indiana, but this year I moved to MI about 30 minutes from the Michigan/Indiana line.   I just acquired permission to hunt a farm in southwest Michigan.  October 1st was season opener, it was on a Friday this year.  I usually hop over to some public land and smack a doe the first day. But this year my work schedule has changed. I wouldn't get off work till 4:00 PM and would have an hour to drive there.

Successful Wisconsin Archery Hunt - Monster 10 Point
Michael Purcell

My second year bow hunting in Wisconsin proved to be a very successful one and to make it even better; the first buck I took in WI is also the largest buck I have ever taken!  My first year bow hunting in WI was a blast.  I saw lots of deer and most importantly spent quality time with my girlfriends father (Gordy)(future father-in-law) and  his friends. I was looking forward to my second year of bow hunting in WI and was going to spend two weeks up there this time.

2010 Northern Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt
Jerry Smith

I have been hunting Moose since 1994 and moose hunting has truly become a lifetime obsession with me, and I have been fortunate to harvest well over 20 moose since I started.

Let’s All Pretend to Hunt
Doug Humphreys

I drew my bow; both eyes focused on the center of the deer’s chest, and let the arrow fly.  The dreaded clanging sound of an arrow bouncing through limbs followed.  I looked at the next shooter and said, “You’re up.  Hope your shot is less expensive than mine.”