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Hunter's First Archery Buck
Darrin Lawson

Well it always happens that way.   Get a plan together for the morning hunt with my 10 year old son.  Why do I always get up late and miss the darkness walking into the stand.


For nearly twenty years I have dreamed of hunting the American icon, the symbol found on the old “buffalo” nickel.  Finally, this summer I heard of a hunt on a Tribal Reservation in Montana and hit the phone a’runnin.  Michael Fox, fish and wildlife director for the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, informed me that there were two remaining hunts for 4 to 6 year old bulls this fall.  I called Gale Palmer, my long-time hunting partner, to let him know what I’d found.  He said he needed time to check his finances and think it over….

The Race Was On

I can still hear the music of the hounds as they sang "treed" across the canyon.  Their voices had changed from the erratic bawling and howling to a series of staccato barks no longer moving through the dense underbrush and trees of the lush countryside.  This was what I'd come to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington to hear; the announcement by a pack of hounds that they had treed a bobcat.

Hunt Swap

Since there was some talk about adding a hunt swap feature to Big Game Hunt, I decided I would describe one of the hunt swaps I have done in the past.

It began with a question about whitetail hunting. Initially, I met another guy in a hunting forum who was torn up about the idea of hunting a whitetail. He, being from Oregon never had the opportunity to hunt them. I however, was interested in the idea of hunting something different, so we agreed to try to show each other around and help each other take our desired game species.

Gone Deer Huntin! I Mean Squirrel!

It was setting up to be a great evening hunt in early October of 1997. This was only my second year of bow hunting so my anticipation was at an all time high each and every time I went out in hopes I would be getting that first kill with my bow. It was in the lower 40's, partly cloudy skies, and no wind. I arrived at my stand about 3pm and it looked like it was shaping up to be a good hunt.

My Son's 2010 10 Point

2010 was my son, Mitchell's 10th year of deer hunting. He has now shot 5 bucks, all with his bow and 8 doe. One of the doe was with a shotgun and the other 7 was with his bow. I would say 13 deer over a 10 year period isn't too bad since he started as a 13 year old. He took his first deer with his bow his first year. It was a doe. His second year he took a buck with his bow and a doe with his shotgun. That would be the last year we did any gun hunting. In 2004 he shot his biggest buck which was a nice 10 pointer.

My 2010 Buck

It was a nice chilly frosty morning and the date was November 3rd. My son had shot his buck November 1st and I was headed out to try and get mine. I was going to our favorite stand which is where my son shot his buck also. We have a few different names for this stand. They are "The Stand", "The Hole", and "The Apple Orchard". This stand has produced many does and several bucks on a yearly basis since 1999. It is our best stand bar none.

A Stalking Nightmare
Quinton Hill

This hunt was one of the coolest hunts I personally have ever had. I was archery hunting and I was 18 (1988). Opening day I woke up nice and early and headed out still hunting as we always did back in the day. Our morning hunt would take us until around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. and depending on how things went sometimes later.

First Archery Buck

I got my first archery buck this year, on my birthday!  It started with a boring conference, being a school principal I routinely have to attend meetings, conferences, seminars etc....I was able to get out after the morning session and headed straight up the mountain.  I am lucky enough to have a few private land permissions and was able to get out on one small parcel.  I parked my car and headed up to my spot.

Back Home Georgia Buck
James R. Jones

One cold, rainy October day, after talking to an old farmer friend on a remote gravel road in Georgia, I found myself with access to an awesome piece of property being long time family friends with owner. Diving into an all-day scouting junket of the large acreage, I quickly became aware of the fact that many good bucks called the property home. It was quite clear that I should be able to cherry-pick a couple of large-antlered bucks from the location come November. Hanging a few stands, I headed home, excitedly looking forward to my return visit in early-November.