Archery Hunt in August's Sweltering Heat

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As the mercury steadily rose outside it was easily 10 degrees higher in the blind, I was tucked in awaiting the arrival of thirsty antelope. The hotter it got the more uncomfortable it became inside the blind which now was turning out to be a sweat box. I'm not really sure, but while inside that 70x70x90 sweat box a buddy of mine texted me telling me it was 92 degrees out. Not sure but I don't really think he was simply informing me of the fact more so than getting a little enjoyment out of the misery I'd intentionally placed myself in.

I'd only been in the blind a short while when the antelope started to arrive, the first few that showed were only does and fawns. After they drank they milled around feeding as some just plopped down for a nap. Throughout the morning there were singles as well as small groups that wandered in. By about 10:00 am I'd only had a few small bucks come in.

Just after about 11:00 a nice buck came in, as he made his way to the edge of the overflow pond I debated whether I should attempt a shot. By the time I talked myself into shooting he picked his head up whirling around trotting off outside of my comfortable shooting range and stopped, simply standing looking off in the distance. As he stood there I estimated him to be a good upper 70 inch goat.

Throughout the day between naps and reading a book, I had about 25-30 antelope come in, not including I'm sure the one's that came in while I was napping. There were a handful of good bucks but none of those that stop your heart, the ones that there is no doubt are a shooter. I of course had repeat customers throughout the morning and midday, and a few that were real spooky, they would come in and just before hitting the water would bolt out about 100 yards blowing and wheezing at the blind, which had been set up about two weeks prior.

The day before a friend of mine and I were sitting in another blind about a mile off, where he'd missed an awesome buck sending his arrow over the bucks back, that same buck was missed by my brother three days prior where he sent his arrow sailing to the left of the buck. After the miss on Friday the buck had ventured towards the blind I was now occupying and with any luck he'd show up, I'm sure his luck was about to run out. Eventually I came to the realization that his luck was gonna keep going as he never showed.

As the day drew on, I had a nice buck plodding along towards the blind and recognized the buck as one that had visited mid morning. He came into the overflow pond on the left of the blind with two other buddies. The two smaller bucks went right into water with one even stepping into the pond almost to the middle. The better buck circled to the right dropping off of a short cut bank lowering his head to the water. It was now or never if I was going to get an arrow away. I ranged him at 30 yards, I drew hitting my anchor point centering the 30 yard pin on the crease of his shoulder and touched the release in a flash the arrow was gone. I don't remember seeing the arrow strike but definitely heard it hit as well as seeing larger red spots on both of his sides as he bolted to his right. Half circling the pond he stopped facing the blind and collapsed.

After exiting the blind and checking him out, he is no doubt a fine antelope, not the biggest one I've taken but yet not the smallest. All in all it was a fine hunt with time spent with family and friends and a great start to my 2009 season.

String: Grizzly Custom
Release: Scott
Sight: Spot Hog 7 deadly pins wrap
Arrows: Easton Axis Full metal jackets
Broadhead: Rage 3 blade
Binos: Brunton 11x51
Blind: Yukon Tracks Enforcer Elite


ManOfTheFall's picture

Great story, great

Great story, great antelope!!!!!

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Nice Goat!

Yeah - I'd take that one anyday!

It sure sounds like it was H-O-T in that blind sitting there in the open sun!

I really like the picture with the blind in the background, too.

Thanks for the very good story.

Taking an antelope with a bow is definitely not something that the average hunter will ever do.