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Big Things Come in Small Packages

This hunt was conceived in early December of 2011 when I received a call from my son, an Army officer, who is stationed in Bethesda, Maryland. He asked if I had ever considered going on a sika deer hunt. Sure, I've considered just about every kind of hunt; I just haven't considered it enough to shell out the money it takes to make it happen. Kevin has been stationed in Maryland for the past several years and while there, has been eyeing the illusive little sika deer which resides on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay in Dorchester County.

I Wish I Had a Compound
Lance Jackson

As I sat there in my big ol' comfy stand, the one I always put in the same tree every year. A thicket the deer use to bed in front of me, a large oak tree on my right and a field on my left makes it a great stand location. But this year had been different, no one was seeing any deer. In my eight or so years of hunting I had never had it this slow. I was dozing sligtly, the chilly morning air blowing all around me, in dfferent directions I might add.

2011 Colorado Archery Elk
Ryan H

As you all may know hunting (specially bowhunting) isn’t always about harvesting an animal. It’s about the brotherhood of you and your pals out on the hunt, the stories to be made, and most importantly the past time that was passed down to you from generations upon generations of hunters! For me 2011 Archery Elk in Colorado was a different year. It was a year that I no longer had to come home unsuccessful, saying only if this or that would have happened... anyone who has ever hunted elk knows exactly what I mean!

Lessons Learned

This story starts at the end of the 2010 elk hunting season. It was my first year of bow hunting. I went home empty handed but had a few chances at some bulls.  But being new to the whole archery thing I blew a chance and the wind blew a couple more. During the months prior to hunting season I became fascinated with the idea of going on a backcountry hunt. I bought Cameron Hanes’s book Backcountry Bow hunting and read it front to back 3 or 4 times. I already had the season planned out so my back country adventure would have to wait.

3rd Bow Kill of 2011 Season!
Shawn Clark

I am off to a great start in the 2011 Ohio deer archery season. On opening day, September 24th, I shot my first deer of the season which was a nice doe. I had some roasts cut out of her and had the rest made up into Trail Bologna. I already have her meat back. By the way it's been very tasty. This was also the first time I ever shot a deer in September.

My Best Buck to Date
Shawn Clark

It was 82 degrees on the afternoon of October 10th, 2011. I was debating if I should go out deer hunting or not. There was a particular stand set that my friend Dave and I hung in June that I had not been to yet this season. Most of the times the wind was not right or it rained and I did not feel like getting wet. I don't like the heat either but I knew cooler weather will be coming in the near future. I still had to attach a pull rope to this stand because I forgot to when my friend Dave and I put the stand up.

Two Years in the Taking
Earl Garrison III

Back in the Summer of 2009  I was going to be hunting a City wide area hunt that happens every two years. It was Hot Mid summer time, and I set my feeder up early. I Wanted to get the deer coming to the feeder well before season. I set my Bushnell game camera up to watch what was coming in to eat. For weeks I pulled the chips from my camera and watched Doe after Doe feeding. Most of them coming in around 10am, and just before dark.

A First at Age 45
Shawn Clark

I have been deer hunting since my 13th birthday. Up until 2008, I believe, the Ohio deer season opened the first Saturday in October. Then, it was changed to the last Saturday in September in 2008. The first three years I attempted to take a deer in September and failed. I had a few opportunities but just couldn't pull it off. This year I was hoping it would be different.

My Last Year Hunting in the Wisconsin Northwoods

My last and final year in hunting the Wisconsin north woods came with a unique twist as due to a ranching accident in Montana I was confined to the use of crutches for the hunting season. I had gotten lucky in meeting someone who had worked for an outfitter guest ranch in Montana and after a few phone calls and references from my friend I was rewarded with a job out west at the age of 16.

Cow Elk? Yeah!

I used to be a hunter that didn't see the point in hunting the antlerless.  I thought it took a big portion of the sport away from hunting because there wasn't anything to hunt for, I mean, who cares how big a cow is, where's the horns? But every year it seems that much more difficult to draw any sort of a tag, and the Utah general season Elk hunts are extremely difficult.  So, I picked up a general tag and took to the hills for an antlerless.  Boy was it worth it!  It's not quite the same as walking up on a nice buck or bull (I've not been lucky enough to know what it feels like to walk up on a big bull of my own yet), but, it was a lot of fun.