Any Day Hunting Beats a Day at Work

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Since my deer season was a bust, as I couldn't find the deer I managed to put a bullet in, I'm always looking for excuses to get out and hunt some more.

The past couple of opportunities have been, "spur of the moment," when the opportunity arises and I don't have family obligations that impede upon my fun. I do this as a way of getting out and exploring new country and also, as I tell the wife, exercise our two beloved puppies.

I'm talking about chasing rabbits through the prickley pear and mesquite. So far the rabbits are winning but it sure teaches one to swing a gun quick and get on target fast. I find that with the amount of brush cover I'm seeing rabbits as I almost step on them and they run out from under me. This affords me the opportunity to learn to be fast and accurate. Of course accuracy with a shotgun is a lot different than accuracy with a rifle but the basic principles are the same I think.

Different parts of the country produce different styles of hunting as what works in one area may not work as well in another. In my deer hunting foray I've learned that long distance seems to be the rule rather than the exception. In rabbit hunting I'm finding that it's much more up close and personal given there is too much cover for distance to be used to my advantage. Also, instead of a group of rabbits I'm finding them as singles. Maybe I'm just finding the bachelors or old maid version of rabbits but I don't think so. 

I remember as a lad seeing large groups of rabbits along farm roads in the midwest. Here in the desert southwest I find that not to be the case. Now I may be going about this wrong and just taking a long walk for minimal gain but at least the dogs stay healthy. They aren't hunting dogs and I don't use them as such but they do enjoy getting out of the house, the same as I do, and playing around in the desert.

This time hunting rabbits lets me further develop my knowledge of the area. Locate and know other game animals, like deer, and helps to keep me in shape for when deer hunting season rolls around again. The nice thing is rabbits are in season 365 days out of the year, as are coyotes. Of coyote hunting is done from a "stand" and one is best served by calling them in. That negates the physical aspect that I like about the way I hunt rabbits.

As I hunt more I'm finding more and more opportunities to hunt something. It may not be what I want to hunt but at least it's an opportunity to actually hunt. That beats any day at work in my book.


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I too would much rather spend

I too would much rather spend the day out in thewoods chasing criters and not even seeing anything that I would have a the best day possible I could have at work.

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Glad you are getting a chance

Glad you are getting a chance to get out and hunt often.  You're right, anytime you can get out and hunt is a great day.  I too enjoy getting out as often as I can.  We'll try to get out and do some rabbit hunting too, probably next month.  Although not big game, I still enjoy getting out and being active.

Thanks for the story and keep hunting!

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Nice article.  Very true too,

Nice article.  Very true too, any day hunting or fishing, beats a day at work.  Whether it's small game like rabbits or doves, or going after bigger game like deer or elk, it's about getting out there into the woods and enjoying nature.  I grew up hunting rabbits in the northeast, and loved it.  Funny thing is, I have never down it since I moved to the southwest.

Too many of these anti hunting people talk obout it all being for bloodlust, but nothing could be further fromt he truth. I have not killed a deer in 10 years, but I still cannot stop myself from getting out there every single fall, with the excitement that I feel each year.  The anticipation, the sense of relief knowing that the season is closing in.  It's a chance to get out with family or friends, or to take time and relax by yourself, as the stress from the workweek slowly melts away.   My wife does not understand the obsession, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


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Another great article and you

Another great article and you hit the nail right on the head with this one. Most of my off season hunting is spur of the moment depending on the weather or what else I have planned for the day off. I love to hunt rabbits but the last few years have been pretty poor in my old spots. I managed to kill one of your jacks when I was down there a few years back, it was his big ears that gave him away as I was able to see them sticking above the bush he was hiding behind.

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Orange Not Required


Orange is not required here. The spare shell is because I have a plug in my shotgun for duck hunting and I'm too lazy to take it out seeing as how ducks are in the same area I was rabbit hunting. I was using steel shot that day too on the off chance that I came across a duck or two.

The spare shell also gives me the opportunity to practice my combat reloading of the shotgun which   is a mandatory skill according to my employer. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.


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  Definitey any day hunting


Definitey any day hunting beats a day working on the job or around the house!  I couldn't agree more with you BikerRN.

I too went back to taking up some rabbit hunting last year.  I had to as I got skunked last year with my elk hunt and was not able to hunt Muleys.  Here in the eastern part of Colorado it is the same type of walk-and-jump rabbit hunting.  It has definitely sharpened my reaction skills along with accuracy of hitting a speeding jack rabbit. 

Pretty cool that your rabbit season is year round as that offers a far greater opportunity to get out and hunt.  Our season begins the start of October and goes through the end of February so I only have a definite amount of time to get my rabbit hunting in.  I am choosing to try coyote hunting this year as another means to get out in the woods and fields.

I hunt my rabbits with a Remington 870 12 guage using 6 shot.  From your picture it looks like that is what you have as well.  I have taken many rabbits with mine and actually had a rabbit stew just last week.

Your story is a great one and definitely provides the intrigue for getting out and hunting more - and not just with the big game.  Thanks for sharing your story with us.



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Biker: That's an interesting


That's an interesting story about rabbit hunting in your area. I noticed a couple of things from your picture. 1. You are not wearing any orange - I take it from that that it is not required for rabbit hunting? I'm also guessing that it is probably not required for hunting coyotes. 2. You are holding a spare shell between your fingers. "Back in the day" when I was hunting with a single shot, we used to do that all the time as a way to speed up our second shot. But with a repeating shotgun, I have never done it. That looks like a pump you have there, so I guess that you often empty the magazine and need more? They must be pretty speedy little critters!

The area you are walking in reminds me a little of where I was in Wyoming in October, except there we had a lot more mountain mohogany, and the rabbits were very good at disappearing in a hurry.

Thanks for the story and great picture.