Anthony's Vermont Moose

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I shot this moose in southern VT by West Dover. Last year I put in for a tag and to my surprise I received one!

Lucky for me I have a good friend who is a guide in VT and he was willing to take me out at no charge. We hunted for 4 days non-stop, 20+ miles a day, with out seeing a thing. Worse, the weather was not very good so it made the hunt that much more painful. On the last day of my hunt we had already walked 30+ miles when we decided to get out of the woods and go back to one spot where we had seen fresh tracks almost everyday.

We walked the 2 miles into the woods to our spot, made a few calls but nothing responded. So we walked a little more to an opening and sat down for a few minutes when my guide started to make some calls. Nothing happened as usual so we just sat some more. After about 10 minutes my guide stood up on a rock and made some more calls.

I looked back and saw his eyes light up like a Christmas tree; I knew that he saw something when he picked up his video camera. He made a few more calls and before I knew it he had called in this beast from 100 yards. This was the last hour of day light and on the last day of the hunt, and I must say even though I was damming the world the whole time we saw nothing I would have had it no other way.

The bull went down in his tracks with one shot from my 30-06. This hunt was the hardest hunt that I have ever been on and I have been hunting for 15 years now. For those of you who think that you have to go far away to get a moose, take a look at Vermont. When I was hunting we would walk for 10 miles right into the woods without guidance other than a GPS to get us out. If you want to talk about finding heaven then I have found it.


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Thats a great moose and good

Thats a great moose and good story. I took my cow moose in Vermont in the Mount Tabor area on the second day of the 5 day hunt 4 years ago and cant wait to see if I get drawn for this year. Now to get a Bull for my next one. Like you I bet I walked about 10 miles that first day so I wasn't going to hold out If I got a chance from that day on. Thanks to having my hunting partner as my second on the tag it turned out to be a great hunt. Congrats on your bull.

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Another great hunt for a very

Another great hunt for a very limited animal. This is another case proving the point that persistence pays off. Don't ever give up till the very end and it's time to go home. Dedication to the hunt was the only thing that kept him going and brought him the success he deserved.

Congratulations on a magnificent trophy.

You probably wore your boots

You probably wore your boots out on this hunt. Thats a lot of miles you put down. But was worth it in the long run. Just another reason why one should never give up. You don't know how big the reward might be. One shot and dropping a big old moose don't happen often. I never even would have concidered Vermont as a moose hunting destination. Sounds like a true paridise.

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Very cool...gotta love

Very cool...gotta love hunting moose!

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For some reason it always

For some reason it always tends to work out that way. The last day and the last hour of the day. Very nice bull!!!!!

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Great moose, a moose hunt is

Great moose, a moose hunt is on my bucket list.

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30-06 is a great cal. and a sweet moose to boot!

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Great story, one of these

Great story, one of these days I am going to have to go hunt one of those animals

Congrats on your moose. I

Congrats on your moose. I sure hope you had some horses to haul that big guy out the miles you walked in. Thanks for sharing your story and picture

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Congratulations on teh great VT Bull.  I know when I took mine last year I was VERY glad that God had decided to send a moose to me.  I had been applying for licenses for about 10 years!