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Spring Break Gator Hunt

After talking with a guy who had some available alligator tags, I hastily made my way from my college near Toledo, OH to Arcadia, FL. The drive was epic. I took my dad's Toyota Camry, and strapped my kayak to the top. It was a marathon of a drive, but after 20 some hours, I made it to Florida worn out and dizzy from the trip.

At 9:30am, I met Brad, my connection and guide, and we headed to the ranch we were going to hunt. Quite unexpectedly, the method of hunting was more spot and stalk than I had anticipated.

Big Ole' Gator

I figured that since my screen name is Gatorfan, it is only appropriate that I share a story about gator hunting.  Although the story does not involve me, I found it to be very rewarding none-the-less.  I grew up in Central Florida and can remember plenty of nights bass fishing the local lakes, ponds, and golf courses.

New State Record Alligator for Georgia
Randy Pounds
I tell ya'll it was the fight of the century. We had been hunting since right after dark. Saw less than a dozen Gators. Most of them were this year's model or last year's. Nothing legal at all. Spotted 2 at about 500 yards that appeared to be legal so we start easing up on them and they just dropped on us. Very skittish. I forgot my rod with 100 lb test line and a 12/0 treble hook, so we let them stay where they were and went on looking.
Georgia Alligator Hunting Adventure
Jeff McDaniel
My desire to seek adventures different or "out of the ordinary" took me to a secluded place far at the southern corner of the State of Georgia. It was there, time seemingly stood still. As we drove downhill toward our destination, a peace or calming was ever present. The woes of my daily life and the head aches of works were forgotten. The Marina was a throw back to a life style from my childhood.