Alberta Mulie Hunt

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Well it was the last day of the season, or so I thought. I pulled myself out of bed at around 4:30 am thinking to myself I have a mulie tag that's not filled, so I better give it one more try. Jumped in the truck and headed north to Drayton Valley Alberta, to an area that I saw while I was working in the area earlier in the year. One field that caught my eye, had some does in it. So an hour and half later I parked the truck and started my short walk to the field. Wind was in my favor, ice fog was modorate but I could see 150 yards or so. Well I was about 20 yards from the treeline, still in the bush. I could make out the outlines of deer in the field. I looked through my binoculars, first deer I saw was this buck, he was with 6 does and one other 4x4 that would of went 140 to 150. I've shot a couple other big mulies over the years and I was not going to shoot one smaller then I have on the wall. So hemmed a hawed for about 5 minuntes, finally deciding that he was the same caliber of deer or a bit bigger then ones I have. So I laid down, flipping my bi-pod down on the 300 ulta mag and figured he was 130 to 150 yards away. Put the crosshairs on his chest because he was lookin straight my way. I squeezed nice and easy and flipped him right over backswards driving his horns into the snow. As I watched the other deer bounce across the field, I looked down at my watch to see the time which was 8:23 am and November 29th, the second to last day of the season.

I chuckled to myself and thought if I would of known that while I was snuggled in bed I would not of got up. Thank God I did because as I got closer to the buck, there was no ground shinkage going on. He ended up grossing 174 and netted 168 B&C 30 inch spead with a 6x5 frame totally making my week. I took two deer over 170 6 days apart. I started the season with the motto, go early, stay late and no matter how cold or tired, never give up and it paid off.


Archery_hunter33's picture

Very Nice

Thoes are some great bucks, congrats

ManOfTheFall's picture

Definitely some awesome bucks

Definitely some awesome bucks there!!!!!

numbnutz's picture

Man thats an impressive

Man thats an impressive muley, congrats.