Alberta Hunting Photos & Stories

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Alberta Mule Deer Bowhunt
Charles Schoening
On my very last day of hunting the archery only season on mule deer before having to head back to school/work I was lucky enough to spot this buck bedded on a coulee edge with a couple of does feeding nearby. I recognized the buck as one I had been hunting on and off all season, and one that I had missed earlier in the year. It only took a moment to realize that the wind and position were perfect for me to make a great sneak on this huge muley.
Alberta Mulie Hunt
Trent Ziegeman
Well it was the last day of the season, or so I thought. I pulled myself out of bed at around 4:30 am thinking to myself I have a mulie tag that's not filled, so I better give it one more try. Jumped in the truck and headed north to Drayton Valley Alberta, to an area that I saw while I was working in the area earlier in the year. One field that caught my eye, had some does in it.
11x8 Alberta Non-Typical Whitetail Trophy
Trent Ziegeman
I saw this deer last year, but was unable to get a shot away due to this buck's superior sixth sense, even with the wind in my favor he was able to sense my presence. I had seen this buck get down on his knees and crawl thru a pinch point that had minimal amounts of cover. I nicknamed him the grey ghost cause of his grey coat and superior vanishing and appearing tricks. One minute there he was busted no where to go and the next voosh gone disappearing into nothing.