Alaska Caribou Hunt

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While hunting in Alaska during September of 2002, I was 150 miles above the Arctic Circle. A band of 24 Bulls passed within 30 yards of me, giving me ample time to choose my trophy. Pictured above it scores 373 1/8 B&C.


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Now we need to know more about your hunt!


Thanks for sharing your photograph Kent.  Now we need to know more about your hunt!  It must have been quite a sight to see so many of those bulls up close!  Congratulations on your hunt.  You have a fantastic trophy there.  Just look at those back sweeping tines!  Wow.  Someday I hope to chase caribou and bring one home for my wall too but I can scarcely hope to get one of the same caliber as yours.  He’s a fine looking bull.



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Nice Bull

That has always been a dream of mine to hunt Caribou in Alaska. I think they are the most beautiful animals of all. Congratulations on a very nice bull and thanks for sharing your pictures.

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Very nice bull, great

Very nice bull, great job!!!!!

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great animal, caribou hunt is

great animal, caribou hunt is on my bucket list

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Now there is a dream hunt!

Great bull, I bet that had to

Great bull, I bet that had to be an awsome sight to see them all parade by and getting to pick the one you wanted


Planning to do a drop camp from Talkeetna. Has anyone left from there? If so is there a place to rent part of you equipment so we don't have to pay for shipping it up from the lower 48?
Please reply