Alabama Hunting Photos & Stories

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True Turkey Hunters
Shannon Wood

We all look forward to spring time turkey seaon. Now that it is in we will take time off from work or doing house chores and take ourselves out into the woods and enjoy what Mother nature has offerd us so dearly. Staying in touch with the great outdoors is what keeps me going on a daily bases. Without the outdoors I think I would be in trouble all the time with family and friends. Knowing that the fact of being outdoors is just number one on list of to do things.

The Old Man and the Hound
Norm 'Leep' Leeper Jr.
Jack drove his old jeep down the dirt road carefully. Since no one lived along this road anymore but old Tom, the highway department seldom serviced it. He guessed it didn't really matter much as old Tom didn't drive much anymore. Perhaps once a month when his retirement check came in. Then he would come into town driving that old rickety truck and cash his check, buy some groceries and collect his mail.