After a 1900's Hunt

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Big game hunting has always been outstanding in Northwest Colorado as evidenced by this photograph c. 1900. From A. G. Wallihan, the renowned photographer, and his shots of northwest Colorado wildlife, to the in-state or out-of-state hunter, our elk, deer, and antelope have always been an important element to the way of life and to the economy of this corner of Colorado.

The hunter is welcomed in the fall of each year and hopefully sent home, wherever that may be, his game tagged and a pleasant experience to relate to the folks back home.

Photo compliments of the Museum on Northwest Colorado. For more photos or to purchase copies of this photo, please visit the museum site at

After the Hunt


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Perhaps some of us get so wrapped up about shooting a big buck we simply forget about the hunting heritage and what hunting was many years ago. Although many of us do not hunt strictly for the meat, I believe the meat, itself was a much more important consideration back in the "day".

Photos like this take us back to perhaps a simpler time and a time where the hunt reigned supreme, NOT the size of the rack.

Thanks for sharing that link and that very cool older photo!

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Cool pic, thanks.

Cool pic, thanks.

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Great stuff, love the pic

Great stuff, love the pic

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Now that

Now that is a cool pic, thanks!