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Doin' the Mambo

I read somewhere that if you’re not well adjusted socially; you may have missed out on an important piece of your childhood developmental process.  Well, I'm here to tell you that though I may not be a social giant, I didn’t skip any of it.  As Frank Heger was leading me on hands and knees over some of the most rocky geography you’ve ever seen and through hideous thorn bushes loaded with every imaginable prickly object or creepy insect, I was catching up on my childhood crawling whether I needed it or not.

John deWeber

“Sea-ah’bra," whispered Martin in broken English as he pointed to his nose and sniffed the air.  “Sea-ah’bra."  We were riding in an old 70’s vintage Land Rover, bumping up a mountain road in search of Hartmann’s Mountain zebra, deep in the heart of Namibia, Africa.  Martin, a Namibian native, is the number one tracker for Frank Heger of Otjiruse Hunting.  This was day number nine of my ten day hunting safari and the clock was ticking.   Martin said he “smelled” zebra.  Who was I to argue?

Namibian Oryx Hunt
Mike Skelly

The Oryx Gazelle (aka Gemsbok) looks more like the medieval unicorn than any animal I have yet encountered.  These “desert warriors” are incredibly hardy.  They are born with horns!  And have a disposition to match. At one point during my African hunt, after John and I had each collected an Oryx, we were riding in our PH Ziggy’s truck when we approached a herd of Oryx. As the truck came to within a few hundred yards the herd ran directly away from us parallel to the dirt road.  They were so fast that we had trouble keeping up with them in the truck!

Impala Dream
Mike Skelly

I have wanted an impala ram in my den since I was a small child. Long before I actually planned to go to Africa, I dreamed of a home with tokens of travels to exotic places. What speaks of Africa like the graceful impala? Their lyre shaped horns and lithe beauty thrill anyone who sees them. So what reading room, with flickering fire, would be complete without an impala shoulder mount to stir memories of days afield in distant lands?

Africa at Last
Mike Skelly

14 hours from JFK we changed planes in Johannesburg for the 1 ½ hour flight to Windhoek, we arrived when the world was asleep and the airport personnel were literally waiting for us to clear customs so they could lock up and go home. The Namibian police representative was very polite and professional, diligent in his duty and in filing out the triple copy carbon paper form that was our permit to have a firearm in the country.

South African Blesbucks
Jim Brewer
I was several days into a 10-day hunt in the Groot Winterhook mountains of South Africa's eastern cape. I already had an nyala, duiker, eland, baboon, 3 black wildebeest, 2 blue wildebeest, a black springbok and a mountain reedbuck. Next on my list was a blesbuck pair, one male and one female.