9-Year Old Takes 30 Point Buck

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On the morning of 10/27/07, my 9 year old son, Baler Dee Stewart, scored this awesome buck with a 50 cal muzzleloader in Ringling, Oklahoma. This was his first time to fire this type of weapon. He fired then said to his dad, Patrick Stewart, "Is this gun on, Dad?" Dad replies, "Yea." "Well then, I got him, Dad.", states Baler.

This deer has not been officially scored. He has 30 points 1 inch or longer. Out here on the farm, we count the ones you can hang a ring on. Those total 41 points.

The wire in his horns went missing from my father-in-law's garden in September. My husband was accused of tilling it under. My father-in-law had carefully placed it around his black-eyed peas, because a doe and two fawns ate them up last year. He was determined to not let the deer have them. My son seems to think his Papa Harley owes him some bounty since he apprehended the thief. Papa is willing to deduct the bounty from what Baler owes him for wire, seeds, fertilze, and labor that was put forth in the making of this BUCK OF A LIFETIME.

Word got around about the buck that morning before checking him in. When the buck, my husband, and son arrived at the check-in station, a crowd greeted them. They were there for about 2 1/2 hours. So many pictures were taken, my son said it gave him a headache. I'm not sure if it was the flashes as much as the swelling that made his head hurt.


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One awesome buck for

One awesome buck for sure!!!!! Too bad he is so young. He will probably never top that one.

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Nice Buck

WOW thats one Nice Buck!