9 Pt. Indiana Archery Buck

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On Wednesday 10/22/08 I was late getting into the woods at about 5:45 pm. I did not use a treestand. I found a couple nice rubs and decided to stand in front of a big oak tree that was on the edge of a hill. I decided to do the fawn bleet call as I had used that a couple days prior and called in several does and a button buck. It was windy so when the wind would stop I would get a chance to use the call.

After about 15 minutes I heard movement at the top of the hill which was straight in front of me. I saw what looked like some branches moving. I realized it was a buck. He was coming right towards me. He never noticed me. I had on mossy oak camo from Gander Mountain. The buck came in and went about 10-15 feet to my left. Still not realizing there was anyone around him. I shot him with my Martin Jaguar Magnum bow using carbon arrows and stinger broadheads. I shot him behind his left front leg. We tracked him for about 75 yards into the dark. We found the arrow broken off. Shortly after that the blood trail stopped.

We returned in the morning and found him dead about 40 yards from where we left off. The broadhead had went in on his left side and stuck on the inside of his right arm/shoulder bone. I shot him on some leasing property in Lewis, Indiana close to the coal mine.

Very exciting! This is my 3rd buck I have shot but I never found the 2nd one. Then men haven't seen a thing. I have offered to chaperone them on their next hunt to help them call in the big dog! :)


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grat buck, congrats, thanks

grat buck, congrats, thanks for sharing

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Very nice buck!!!!! Great

Very nice buck!!!!! Great story.