8 Point Pennsylvania Deer

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This 140 class giant 8 point was harvested in Elk County of Pennsylvania by Shane Hutton, 23 of Pittsburgh, PA with a Winchester 270. This whitetail deer isn't a record breaker if you're hunting Canada or a whitetail farm but up in the mountains this deer is a one of a kind.

This is my only substantial buck ever. I got it at my family camp, and it was the talk of the neighborhood in the first week of December 2008. It has 20" main beams and a 19" spread.


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Awesome Buck

Shane, that is a very nice buck for your area, I'm sorry that is a SUPER NICE BUCK for your area. Out of fifteen hunter that came to my deer camp in Kansas none of them over the past 30 years of hunting PA. has never got one that big.

Awesome Job!!!!! 

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Very nice buck!!!!!

Very nice buck!!!!!